Friday, January 6, 2012

Logan 9 Months

(December 27, 2011)

Once again another month has flown by! This month marks you living here on the 'outside' world longer than you grew inside me!

This month has been filled with tons of Christmas funness and loads of daddy time.

You saw your first Christmas parade, helped to cut down our first Christmas tree, decorated your first tree, saw Santa for the first time, and of course, had your first Christmas (twice in one day!!! First with daddy's family, then mommy's).

Your two front teeth cut through this month, so you really can say that you got your 2 front teeth for Christmas :-) Since the teeth first cut early in the month your sleep got right back on track! You typically lay down around 8ish and sleep till 5 or 6 and then go back down till 7 or so. You will take your nap any where between 10:30 and 11:30 and will protest until you realize how tired you really are.

Helping daddy paint is super tiring!

You also have created a new game that you L.O.V.E. It's called chase the baby. You play nicely and then suddenly stop, look and me and book as fast as you can out of the soon as you get to the doorway you stop to make sure I'm coming and start giggling and you try to escape. You think it's hilarious to watch momma crawl after you.
Cracking up having Oma chasing you

Actually, everything has become a game to you. It's uber cute...except for when it involves biting. You love to bite daddy when he say's "looogaaan".

And you know how to play 'catch'. It doesn't have to be with a ball, you'll grab any toy you can throw and toss it to whoever is close and wait for them to throw it back. This game can go on for quite awhile.

Clapping has been a favorite since you were a teeny tiny, but now you can do it all by yourself. all. the. time. If anyone says "yaayyyy" you clap like crazy and get all smiley. It's super cute! You also cruising around tables and couches and anything you can get your hands on. And on occasion you will let go and stand on your own.

You love some good tunes to shake your cute, little, diapered booty too. You sit on the floor and bop to the beat.

 My dear boy doesn't know how to sit still any more, so gone are the days of posing for photos.

You, my love, are such a happy, uplifting boy!  You love to smile, and love even more to make others smile. You are the light of our lives. You find the smallest things hilarious, and change the way I look at life.
You are about 28 inches tall and 17 pounds and can still wear 3-6 months/6 month clothing, although some are starting to get small. Most of your sleep sacks are 0-9 months and you can no longer stretch your legs out completely. But since you sleep on your tummy with your legs tucked under you, you don't seem to mind.
You are shy in new places and with new people, I think that it's because you are observing everything and taking it all in. Because in no time at all you become comfortable and will talk up a storm to anyone who's listen.

You are the cutest, sweetest, funniest, silliest little man and I love you!

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I can't believe how much you have grown! (Although with your appetite I can)

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