Monday, April 2, 2012

Logan's "Jungle" First Birthday Party

Logan's first birthday party!
Phheeeeeeeeew! The 1st party bash is over. I can't believe it! I spent so much time thinking and planning (Thanks Pinterest!!!) and now it's all history. I think everyone had a blast and we got tons of complements on the decorations and food. Thanks to our family and all their help, especially my mom and Megan for watching Logan so I could get everything done. :-)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my budget, and this party was no exception. We have thrown parties before, and food is expensive!

(I apologize for the crappy photos, I was in a constant rush that day and forgot that the auto-focus on the kit lens no longer works. That on top of the bad lighting in our house, but you get the idea)

The decorations: 

The color scheme was green, yellow and orange to give a jungle-ish feel. 
We hung streamers across the ceiling in the dining and living rooms, and I strung balloons on string and hung them up in the windows of both rooms too. It's amazing how something as simple (and cheap!) as streamers and balloons can transform a room into a party! I bought a pack of green balloon and a pack of orange, and spent a few minutes everyday over the week taking a Sharpie to the orange balloons so they had a tiger-esque feel to them.

The dining room mid-setup

"L" wall decor from pics of Logan's 1st year

"1" well decor from pics of Logan's 1st year

Happy Birthday banner, "Logan" train and more photos!

Simple living room decorations with streamers and balloons

Photos from his monthly photo shoot

The food:

The party started at 2pm not only because Logan would be up and ready to go after his nap, but then we wouldn't have to worry about providing a meal for 30+ people. Could that be called cheap? Yes. But realistically, do you know how much that would cost?!?!? I think we had a pretty solid menu for the guest...

We had: Wings "Parrot wings", Pigs "Boars" in a blanket, Pasta Salad "Monkey Brains", Bean Salad "Jungle Droppings", Veggies and hummus "Hungry Hippo Dip", "Gorilla" Grapes, Trail "Safari" Mix, Cheese and Crackers, Dark Chocolate and Yogurt covered pretzels, Dirt Dessert and Cake/Cupcakes.

Safari mix and "zebra" pretzels (dark chocolate and yogurt)

Hungry Hippo Dip

Boars in a Blanket

Peanut butter and dark chocolate cupcakes!
 We had a photo of both Kevin and I on our 1st birthday for comparison. Lucky for Logan, he's a good mix between both of us :-)

Dirt Dessert... a huge hit!

Jungle Juice (pineapple juice and ginger ale)

Gorilla Grapes

Monkey Brains...with the parrot wings in the background

Cheese and crackers...attempting to look like a lion mane
And some presents! We had asked the guest not to bring gifts so we wouldn't be swimming in a ton of toys, but of course LM still received some. :-)

"I got this mom!"
Opening from his little rocking chair

The bag was too big and he had to crawl in to pull out the last of the gifts!

The wagon was a huge hit and he was kind enough to share with his cousin...

Of course that meant he got his turn then too :-)

Huge bag

I didn't realize until later, but he had his lip stuck out for the longest time! Guess opening takes concentration
And who can forget the cake! The best part of every 1st birthday party!
The amazing monkey cake!
Kevin asked to be put on cake making duty. I was reluctant, but handed over the responsiblity after giving him instructions on what I wanted. I think it turned out great! Not only did he make one, but two(!) so baby could have his own smash cake. :-)

Edit: Here's the link to how he made the cake!

Birthday hat
I pinned a sheet to cover the high chair so that it wouldn't be a distraction in the pictures, and so it would match with the party. :-)
The hat didn't last...I had to hold it on...

Hmm...I can poke it...

Trying an ear


Okay guys, I think I got this now

Family sharing

Two hands work faster

Getting full...

Shoveling it in
Overall that party was a hit! We had a ton of fun and I think it's safe to say the birthday boy did too! He got a bit overwhelmed with all the people, but once he got over that he had a ball. He wore himself out and by the end of the night fell asleep in daddy's arms in mid-bite of a cracker. :-)

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate his special day!!!


Czarlie said...

Love it Renae!!! Might just have to "borrow" it for Cody!!! He's got a jungle themed bedroom and what not. I love how you saved $$ too! ;)

Serge said...

I loved the idea of forming a "number 1" through Logan's pictures! I hope that he grows to become a healthy and active kid!