Friday, May 27, 2011

Logan -2 Months

If you missed month 1, you can read it here.


You just keep growing and changing right in front of my eyes! You look like a little boy and I forget how small you really are until I see you with someone else.

You are my little mover. You'll sit in your bouncy seat and kick your legs like crazy to move and get the monkeys to 'dance'. You also love to watch your monkeys on the mobile. It's great and buys your momma time in the morning to brush her teeth and was her face :-)

Speaking of mornings, your are super delightful when you wake up. You are completely alert and in play mode. You are all smiles when I come to get you and laugh-smile as I sing you the good morning song.

You've been 'talking' with us the past few weeks by imitating our sounds. It's super cute and you can get quite vocal.

Your favorite this month is standing! I know, right? You are quite strong and will push up and stand on your own. Momma is just there to help with your balance so you don't fall. When your legs get tired you make me (or whoever is holding you) hold you in the standing position. You really want to be a big boy!

(Please excuse the mess!)

This can be a bit challenging since you are almost 13 pounds! You may be heavy, but you're not a chubby baby by any means. You are long and lean and muscular. :-)

You also started to wear your cloth diapers this month. They work wonderful although you still wear disposables at night because we need to buy a few more. They look so cute on you. You wear them on the smallest setting and 4 snaps in. You are in size 1 of disposables.

In clothes you can still wear a select few of your newborn stuff, but most of them are now packed away. Sniff, sniff. 0-3 fit you great except for a few sleepers because you are so long and can't quite stretch out like you like to.

Speaking of sleep, you've been doing 5.5-7 hour stretches for most of the month! And last night you spent your first night in your crib! You did awesome and slept anywhere from 3-4 hours. I'm sure it didn't help that it was in the 80's and humid all day.

(He can sit up this month! No leaning on the monkey!)

(Half a leg longer than the monkey and putting on the chub)

Logan, you are our sunshine. You are all smiles and such a good baby. Your so pleasant and will let anyone hold you as long as they don't cradle you like a baby.

We get complements on how well behaved you are all the time. As well as how cute you are, and how blue your eyes are. In fact, I was told today that you look like a magazine baby! We are so blessed to be called your parents.

(Straight from the camera...his eyes are seriously that blue! )

Love always,


And I just found this photo hilarious! I promise that I do not hit my baby! Even though he totally looks like he's flinching away.

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Eileen said...

Thanks for the comment! Sadly we do not live in Philly yet. My fiance is from Pa, his parents live near Jim Thorpe (thats where he grew up) We currently live in the Atlanta area. I see you live in West Chester, we are hoping to move either in that area or Allentown area next summer. Sadly though the bakeries in Little Italy are not open 24 hours.

Thanks for the comment!