Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 Week 1

Project 365 Days 1-7 (January 1-7)

Every year for the past 4 or 5 years my family comes down on New Years Day for lunch and family time. This year was no exception. Although, my parents were the only ones who could make it this year.

We went to Olive Garden, Logan's first time, and it was delicious! We then hung at our place so Logan could burn off all the calories he ate. I think he might need to make a New Years resolution to not eat so much...
Sadly, I wasn't thinking and didn't get any photos. But later that night we broke out the Wii and played Wii Sports Resort, Kevin got it for Christmas.

Of course Logan didn't want to be left out. He was daddy's good luck charm and Kev kicked my butt in bowling...of course I redeemed myself a bit in archery.

Day 1

Monday was the Winter Classic. With the Flyers playing at Citizen Bank stadium, we had to watch. Two couples from our small group came over.

Logan was really excited that Maggie is getting closer and closer to being able to play with him.

Although, he was a bit embarrassed when he fell on his tush after showing off how he could stand by himself.

Day 2 -Maggie's not quite sure what his deal is...

Tuesday was freezing! Aside from taking the dog out quickly so she could 'do her business', I didn't leave the house! Logan was lucky enough to not leave at all! Even the poor kitties we're chilly and had to keep each other warm.
Day 3-Sister/Brother love
Buh-bye Christmas tree! Needles have been covering the floor and driving me crazy...but nothing beat the amount I had to clean up after removing all the ornaments and lights!
Day 4 - All the pine needles lost from un-decorating the tree

Buh-bye Kadee :-( Sadly, we had to take Kadee back to the shelter we got her from :-( We just don't have enough room for her. She will be greatly missed as she's become such a big part of our family in the 3 months that we had her.
Day 5 - She enjoyed her last day playing with LM
It's Friday!!! Logan's learning that I always put his toys back, so he has started to do the same...such a helpful sweet little boy! I love that he thinks the remote is his toy :-)

Day 6 - New toy?
 My uncle is visiting from Minnesota, so on Saturday we traveled out to my parents to see him.
 Oma and Granddad still had their Christmas tree up, and they can have ornaments on the lower branches...

Day 7-Bad momma, taking photos instead of telling him not to touch

Loving Oma's chicken potpie

Story time with Uncle Denis

So I guess we are now one week into 2012! Only 51 more to go :-) Just kidding.

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Oh my gosh - day 2 is priceless. ;) Thanks for linking up! They all look great.