Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

Kevin surprised me with reservations for dinner at Simone Pierce! I'm not one for celebrating Valentines day, because I don't see why we can't show our love to each other on any other random day, or get dressed up for a nice dinner.
Anyways, dinner was excellent! It snowed on our way there and back, which made for a beautiful drive through West Chester. Our waiter happened to be a glassblower also, so we got to learn how they do it and some inside secrets. Ok, maybe not secrets, but it sounds cooler that way. To end the evening they gave us a cute glass bowl with absolutely deli

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saving The Day

I was wrapping a few things up at work today, and running a little behind when I got a call from Kevin. Normally he comes home shortly after me, so I wasn't expecting him to call to see if I was on my way home or heading to the gym. He was calling because he had one of these: Flat tires are no fun, especially when you don't have a tire iron to take the lug nuts off, and even if you did, your jack was rusted shut. Well, my jack didn't turn out to be much better. I guess when they made Maxima's in the 90's they thought it'd be nice to put a jack in the car, but no crank for it. So the guys had to turn it by hand with a pair of my pliers. (Good thing this chick has a car fully load with tools.) :-) Look at how thankful he is I came to his rescue!

This little bugger turned out to be the culprit. Thank goodness we won't have to buy a new tire (or 2).