Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project 366 Week 7

February 12-18, 2012

A week late...

Sunday was the normal, church and couples group. And daddy came home from his weekend away. I slacked and didn't take any photos...sooo, the day before my mom took me to get my hair done.


Monday was work from home day for daddy. Logan had fun helping the students.

Hey dad, how does this thing work?

Tuesday was Valentine's Day. The night before the Young Life guys cooked and served dinner for the girls. So sweet! And so cute to see high school guys all dressed up and acting grown up.


Cabinets contain fun toys! The best ones are the hidden ones :-)

Tupperware madness

Logan's first bubble bath! So cute!

Bubble bath!!!

Heard some clanging outside the kitchen window. Looked out and saw this guy fishing out the peanut butter jar!
Guess he likes peanut butter :-) Next time I'll rinse the jar out a bit better

Visited Mom-mom and Logan took his first steps!!!


Sunny and Sixty

That's how the weather around has been lately!

So nice that I had to grab a blanket and the baby and head to the backyard. Oh, and I grabbed the camera too ;-)

Cue waaay to many photos of the cutest boy with the most gorgeous eyes...not that I'm bias or anything ;-)

"The dreamer"

Mr. Blue eyes

Barefoot is the best

Gorgeous day!

Excited arm flap

"look ma, no hands!"

What's going on over there?

My model baby

He was obsessed with this nut and I had to keep it out of his mouth

He later upgraded his little stick for a bigger one

Pure wonder

Who knew that someone so small could bring so much joy?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 366 Week 6

February 5-12, 2012

*Sorry for all the crappy cell phone pics this week...*

Super Bowl Sunday! We went to a Young Life Super Bowl party and Logan had too much fun flirting with all the ladies. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on him when he grows up!


He discovered 'leftovers'. Or maybe he just hides food in the pouch so he can still eat even after momma says he's done. :-)

Tuesday we we're surprised with a date night! Kev's best friend, Jason, and his girlfriend, Bethany, showed up to not only babysit Logan so that we could go out, but also gave us gift cards for dinner and dessert! How awesome are they!?!?!?!?
L.O.V.E. Iron Hill Brewery!
 Stupid night lighting...and the light glaring down on the sign...oh well.
If you've never had Kiwi you don't know what you're missing!

Too many toys? Or time to graduate to the big tub?


Kitty makes a nice pillow. AKA, Sasha's to fat and lazy to move when I try to change the baby's diaper.


Friday Kevin left for a weekend retreat, so the baby and I packed up and spent the night with my parents.

Logan hangin' with Granddad

Saturday night we drove home from my parents. Big mistake. I left early than I had planned because it had been snowing all day. It was warm and all that had fallen the night before had melted, but it was about 32* and I didn't want to get stuck driving on slick roads.
 Sidenote: for those of you who didn't know me back in the day, me and driving in the snow don't mix. I panic. I shake, I cry. Maybe it has something to do with ending up off the road and needing to get towed out not once, but twice. (One of those may or may not have been on my driveway...don't judge until you see my parents driveway!)
Anyways, it was all fine and dandy the first part of the drive. Sure there were a few spots that were starting to drift a little, but nothing bad. Then I hit Gap. All the cars on the other side of the road were backed up and were behind a car that was creeping along with his four ways on. I judged him. I laughed at how he was overreacting. Sure it was snowing, but the roads weren't bad...there wasn't even snow ON the road! About a half mile up the hill I realized that the other side was completely covered in snow! I guess all the snow drifted to their side. I was relieved that it wasn't me. Up until that point I had told myself I could always turn around if it got bad. Not any more. Halfway up the next hill my lane slowed to a crawl. For the next 10+ miles we went about 5 miles an hour. I was freaking. I saw cars in the ditch. Tractor trailers sitting on the shoulder. I was a mess. I kept thinking about who lived close by and if it would be worth me pulling off the highway and venture down back-ish roads just so I could stop driving. A few miles before my exit it started to clear up. By the time I reached my neighborhood, my road was nowhere nearly as bad as the highway! Who would have guessed?


If they are even calling for snow I'm staying put. End of story.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project 366 Week 5

January 29-February 4th

I did this post once and blogger wouldn't save, so here's take 2!

We discovered chocolate cake in a mug...YUM!


Logan got a little too excited and broke a bowl :-(


Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day! The last day of January and it was in the 60's! No complaints here! The stroller was in the car, so we walked down to the park in the neighborhood.

Future model?


Wednesday was gorgeous as well and we had the stroller, so we went for a walk and caught up with a neighbor.


In lieu of the nice weather we broke out the grill.


Friday we hung out with some of our favorites. Logan gave Andy a glimpse into what life's going to look like in a few months.


Saturday we had a chill morning at home before spending the rest of the day at a funeral.

Some lost a Wii bowling game

Monday, February 6, 2012

Logan 10 Months

January 27, 2012

A new year!
You celebrated your first New Year's Eve and MLK day this month. Not that either means anything to you ;-)

Add caption
You, my love, are a little fireball. You could be perfectly happy and content, but if your "toy" gets taken away you lose it. You know how to throw a temper tantrum like the best of them. Your head goes back, you throw your whole body around and your scream. Give you something else and in less than a second you are perfectly fine. Silly, silly boy. I used the term "toy" loosely, because anything you can get your hands on becomes yours...Wii remotes, TV controller, spoons, cell phones etcs. Actually, I really believe that you think the remote is yours. I have found you putting it in your toy boat numerous times and even in your toy basket a time or too! At least you know how to put away your toys :-)

You are turning into a little boy more and more each day. You can speed crawl and are out of the room in seconds! Sometimes you get so excited that you end up using a foot as you crawl...just a matter of time till you try and walk. :-) You cruise around on furniture and your toys without batting an eye, and are starting to realize that you can let go of something and grab something on the other side. You are also standing on your own a lot more.

You understand what we say, but are a very independent soul and don't always listen. :-) You like to test your boundaries too. Especially with the kitty food. You just don't understand why you can't play with their food, and think that if momma turns her back she can't see you. Same with your fascination with outlets. You really want to unplug whatever is plugged in.

You can wave goodbye, and you get super smiley and happy when you see someone you know. Daddy coming home every day is your favorite, and waking up to him over the weekend is a fun treat. Pure joy.

You make crazy sounds too. You love to strum your lips, suck on your tongue, and try to make other people make noises back at you.

My super active boy can't sit still for  picture, but will so sweetly give a nice strong hug to momma and daddy.

Not sure exactly your stats but your around 18 pounds and 28 inches. Still wearing a few 6 month, but wearing more and more 9 months.We added a few more clothe diapers to the mix this month and momma is super happy she only has to wash them twice a week now. When you do wear disposables you are in size 3.

I do love how active you are, and that you won't sit still. It makes your cuddly moments that much sweeter! Love you!