Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Logan 8 Months

(Sorry this post has taken so long to get up, better late than never, right? I have been back and forth between 2 laptops that both partially work and it just takes too much time with having such an active little boy)

November 27, 2011

How is my baby 8 months?!?!?!

Time really does begin to fly when you have a baby! Although Logan wouldn't be happy with me if he saw me call him a baby. He thinks that he's a big boy :-)

I see new babies and I keep thinking that Logan is that tiny, but then I look at him and realize that he is rapidly turning into a little boy.

He crawls all over the place, no longer staying in just the room that I set him down in, or the room that I'm in. Although often if I leave the room he will come racing after me. It's quite comical almost like the old school game Red Light, Green Light, because as soon as I turn to look at him he stops. My man can pull himself up on anything too. And he's brave enough to only hold on with one hand, and to try and grab onto something else. He's slowing grasping that he can walk along objects, but that hasn't really been experimented with. He would much rather stand at the coffee table and hit it with his hands then walk along to the other side.

Closing doors are another favorite of his. He will quickly and stealthily scurry across a room and grab the door and push. There may or may not have been a time or to where he has closed the door on Momma or Dada to keep us out...

He also loves to read. Rather, he loves for someone to read to him while he grabs random pages and turns back and forth. Good thing I have his favorite books memorized or I would be making up a lot of parts to the story.

Logan also got to celebrate two holidays this month...his first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving. Both of them involved food so he loved them both. It took awhile for him to grasp the concept of Trick-or-Treating, but as soon as he realized that when someone put a bowl of crinkly things, he was suppose to reach in and grab as much as he could and proceed to shove it into his mouth. Needless to say, we ended up with a few piece of extra candy from a few house because they didn't want the slobber covered candy back. Darn. :-)

Although he spent most of the night walking around holding his Teddy Grams, I think the Tootsie Pop was his fave...all that's to Daddy Boy. 

Thanksgiving was a crazy of family, fun and food and Logan enjoyed it all! You can read more about his first Thanksgiving here. 

You had your first(and second) overnight at Oma and  Granddad's. We went on lots of walks, baked, and played. Both you and Kadee loved the door leading out to the desk.

We finished using the last size 1 diaper and have now moved onto size 3. Totally skipping size 2 since you are at the upper limit for them and we don't use disposables enough to make it worth it. The size 3's should take us up to your first birthday at least. (I did not just mention a 1st birthday! My baby is not that old! *Tear*)  Diaper changes have become quite the entertainment around here. You hate to lay still on your back and will squirm and twist and push while I try to change you. You are quite the contortionist. We try to distract you by giving you toys, but your new game is to throw/drop the toy and make us pick it up. You think it's hystarical! I counted once...20 times during one change! 

You can still wear 3-6 months as well as 6 months. You wear 6-12 months too, but some of them are still swimming on you. 

Sadly, you also experienced your first cold this month. Not fun for either of us. You were a trooper though and didn't let it get you down. You enjoyed spending the nights cuddled up on did I. :-) 

So baby doll, you are growing bigger and bigger and smarter and smarter every day. Nothing holds you back. Your are a very determined little boy who achieves whatever you set out to do. You are still such a joy and bring smiles to everyone. You bask in attention and think it's hilarious when we copy you or cheer you on. Still a Momma's boy, but loves Dada time. I love you so much, more and more each day!

And just so you can see a little bit of what I go through on a daily basis...nothing stops this kid! Including momma's face :-) 

Check out last months, 7 month post to see the links to Logan's past 8 months. 

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