Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kelbel's Wedding

What a crazy fun wedding weekend!

Friday night was the dress rehearsal and we were blessed with lovely weather. It was warm and sunny, we had tons of yummy food and good company. Practice went smoothly, and the gifts were lovely pearl jewelry that Kel made. There was so much going on, and somehow it was almost midnight before we got to bed. It's been forever since the 4 of us have had a sleepover. :-)

4:30 rolled around way too soon, and it was time to get our hair all done up, and clean off the chairs and prep for the ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful and perfect! Kelly and Nate are so perfect together. Oh, and I know how everyone says that it's a small world, but it seriously is. One of my best friends from high school was at the wedding because his fiance is friends with Kel! Crazy.

Sarah and I :-)
Stephy!Me and the gorgeous bride!!!

The reception was at Shady Maple! We all know how awesome there food is :-) I just can't believe that it is all over...so many months of preparation, first the shower, then the bachelorette party and now the wedding. It was a good excuse for us friends to get together and catch up. Now everyone will be back to their normal lives and too busy for each other. :-( I wish we all lived closer. Maybe someday.
At least I get to live with my very best friend! :-)