Friday, March 22, 2013

How's it Going?

That's the question I get all the time now. Adjusting to life with a newborn can be challenging. Adjusting to life with a newborn AND a toddler? It's a different kind of challenging. It's more about prioritizing and learning how to juggle the needs of 2 kids than the initial figuring out what to do.

To me it's been an easier change than when when we just had Logan. Now I didn't say it was easy, but a different kind of challenging. Noah's easy. He eats and sleeps (well up till a day or 2 ago) it's the testing 2 year old that I have my battles with.

Not getting my required 8-9 hours of sleep doesn't help my patience with him either. I really can't complain. I've had it easy. People were shocked that I had both boys out on my own by day 8. For me it's easier to get out than stay in.

It isn't a cakewalk though. We have our problems. Take today for example. I think Noah is going through a growth spurt. In the 12 hours from last night to this morning he ate 8 times! And every time I laid him down he was awake within 5 minutes wanting to cuddle. Needless to say this momma didn't get much sleep.
As he started to stir this morning Logan started yelling for me to get him out of his crib. So I freed L and decided I would quickly go to the bathroom and put my contacts in before I fed the baby again. Noah didn't like that and was full out screaming by the time i picked him up to changed his diaper. In the mean time Logan let both cats in the room and they were wreaking havoc wanting their breakfast. Of course something was bugging my contact so bad I could barely open my left eye that I had to put a starving, screaming baby back in his bed while I tried to clean off my contact with 2 cats on the bathroom counter begging ie. rubbing all over me for food.
Then out of nowhere Logan starts crying and grabbing his diaper yelling ouch!!!

I shove the contact back in my eye, scoop up a screaming baby and follow the toddler across the hall to his room for a change. As I'm changing him I notice something isn't right. We decide its best to have some naked time. I feed the baby and put him in his swing still awake and then feed L and myself. As I finish baby wants to eat, again.
Toddler wants to sit on potty and I'm a happy momma. 5 minutes later he wants down without doing anything. Next thing I know there is pee running down his leg and all over the floor. Time to clean up.

Everything seems chill for a moment and I decide to cut up the pineapple that has been on our counter all week. 2 minutes later I hear a crash and hear Logan crying. I run out to see blood on the couch, on his face and the floor! Thank goodness it wasn't serious and he was asking for the pineapple before I had him all cleaned up.

Did I mention that was all before 10am? Oh and that the cats spilt not one but two cups of water?

So when you ask how we're doing and I say "good", I'm not lying and it doesn't mean we have it all together. It just means that in comparison to how it could be going its good. That and I haven't shed any tears yet that day. :-)

These 2 make everything worth it :-)

What did your kids (human or fur) do today?

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