Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Christmas Filled Weekend

Actually, this was last weekend, this weekend was a pretty chill weekend filled with projects around the house. You can check out Kev's blog about what was done on Saturday and on Sunday. Because, let's be honest, I'm not going to get around to posting about it.

Christmas cheer continued around here last weekend.

Friday Kevin decided to work from home, which meant that I had a car. :-) I ran a few errands, including stopping by my old job to see a coworker who is in from Ohio this time of year. I must say that I don't miss the stress of buyback at all. This is the first time that I can thoroughly enjoy this season in probably close to 10 years! No working long hours or weekends. Just time for family and friends. Which is what we did Friday night. We traveled out to Lancaster for our annual besties Christmas dinner. There are four of us who were all super close in college, and now that we are all married our hubbies are too! We are spread out between Lancaster, Chester and Bucks county so it's hard to see each other often, but it's always a good time when we do!

Kel and Nate hosted this year and we did a breakfast for dinner theme. Mmm!!! Logan enjoyed every bit too...especially when Kevin decided to put a squirt of whipped cream on his plate. That kid dug into it quicker than I've ever seen him move before (and that's saying something because he can move!).

They recently inherited an old skee ball machine so we spent the better part of the evening in the basement playing. Actually, the guys spent most of the time down there, the girls got cold and left after we won 2 out of the 3 rounds of guys v.s. girls.

Saturday was a busy day, but a good kind of busy. Kevin surprised me in the morning with a Momma's Morning Out. The Smith's came over and Kevin and Andy watched the babies so Elizabeth and I could enjoy a lovely breakfast at Panera without the babies crying, feeding, puking, or climbing on us. It was so tempting to stay out all day until the guys called for help, but we had plans to meet friends to see Santa around 1. The guys did an awesome job and Logan took an hour long nap without a fuss!

As soon as he woke up we packed up and were off to see Santa at Waterloo Gardens! The guy really does look like Santa, he sits in a sleigh surrounded in poinsettias which is picture perfect, he takes time to talk to each child and it's free! You bring your own camera and capture the moment yourself. We met up with my friend Meghan (who was the one who told me about it) and her husband and 3 boys

We walked around the shop for a bit that is filled with gorgeous ornaments. And over sized stuff animals. Logan wasn't really impressed.

After that was a quick nap (for all 3 of us) then off to our first party of the evening. Sadly, we don't have any pictures of the rest of the night. The party was a luau theme and they went all out. Completely with a pig with an apple in it's mouth in the middle of the table. As always the food was awesome and the friends too. There were 2 other babies there who were 8 months and 7 months so Logan had some friends too. :-)

As if we weren't pushing his bedtime enough, around 9 we stopped at our final party, the Young Life Christmas party. I think this is like our 4th year or so going to one and it's always a good time. Once again the food is amazing and there are always so many leftovers that we are forced encouraged to take some home. As always they do the infamous white elephant gift exchange. Since we were late, we didn't partake, but it's still a blast to watch. I mean, it is seriously cut throat. If you touch a gift, it's yours and people will push to try and get you to touch something. Since there are over 30 people playing it takes quite awhile and gifts get forgotten, but there are always the few that get stolen over and over until they are frozen. This year got so bad that one of the college leaders actually stole a TV from one of the area directors young son. Luckily, his youngest brother stole it back at the end (after his other brother stole his goldfish). Gotta love it!

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