Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011! Hello 2012!

Twenty elven was a great year! Every year we sit down and go over the highlight from each month. Kevin already did a great post on his blog if you want to check it out. Overall, March was the greatest month as we welcomed Logan into our family. :-)

I have seen project 365 all over for the past few years, and this year am going to try and make an earnest attempt at participating. Which means that I will take a photo every day all year. I won't promise that I'll post them every day, or that they will be the greatest photos, but eventually they will get posted, and they will be a memory for me.

We spent the last few hours of 2011 and the first few hours of 2012 with great friends!

We had tons of yummy food and drinks, awesome company, and crazy games.

Have you heard of the game Quelf? It's quite a different never know what to expect. At one point (actually for about half the game) there was a global rule in effect that everyone had to end their sentence with 'izzle'. Every. single. sentence. It's not a game for the shy, that's for sure. 

Andrew taking photos of his opponents while telling us to "work it"

Reading the card that resulting in all the "izzle" talk

Jason acting as a beached whale while Bethany was a cowboy riding an ostrich around him

Darrell as a jail keeper who had no lips, knees were glued together while being covered in maple syrup and feathers...told you it's a crazy game!
Kel and Kev trying to have a staring contest

We had a blast and are looking forward to what the new year holds for us!


Anonymous said...

That game sounds fantastic!!! Where'd you find it?

Happy New Year's!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning the 365 thing...I decided before that I wanted to do that this year but forgot! I missed the first 2 days but I'm starting now!