Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 366 Week 4

This week started out with saying goodbye to JoePa. Kevin's family is a PSU family, he, his brother and his sister graduated from there, and his mom is currently taking classes there. Logan has more PSU attire then I think any of them do! It's sad that he will only hear of the legend of JoePa.


A phenomenon happened on Monday...Logan decided he didn't want to eat something! *GASP* Shocking, I know! I think he was tired of chicken, and would pick it out of the assortment of food on his tray and drop it on the floor. We may not have a dog any more to clean up after him, but the kitties like chicken...

(Side note: I got word that Kadee has been adopted to a new home!!! I'm so happy for her!!!)


Tuesday we had a busy day. Logan and I took daddy to work and went to our mommy's group and ran errands until it was time to pick daddy up. Logan loves his daddy so much and loves to play with him. (I think daddy likes to play with Logan too)


Wednesday was another busy day that ended in an unwanted bath for the babe. Since bath time was cut short we let him enjoy some naked baby time before bed. He's my little baby bodybuilder.


Logan has always had an obsession with cups/mugs. Now that he is big enough to handle them himself, he decided to help himself to my hot chocolate. Unlucky for him, I already had gulped it down. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, but you gotta use what ya got, right?


Friday was Logan's 10 month birthday! Oh.em.gee!!! We're in the double digits already. I need to start planning a birthday party! I'm such a slacker!!! I tried to do our normal photo shoot...I thought it was hard the first month when he would just slump and into the monkey. 2 seconds after this shot he took a nosedive off the rocker.

Like I've said before, Logan loves his dadda! His new thing is to give hugs. So stinkin' cute!!! We had friends over for a game night Saturday night and rocked some Apples to Apples and Cranium. The Gregory's kicked butt in both.


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