Monday, January 2, 2012


I am realizing how precious life really is these past few days. It has nothing to do with the new year or anything, just circumstances of many different people in my life.

My mom recently told me about a family that I knew from home that the youngest daughter (I believe she's about 21 now) has an inoperable brain tumor! Wow! That's so young! On top of that, the girl's mom was just diagnosed with tongue cancer! They are in two different hospital in two different states! I couldn't imagine going through that. I'm so lucky that I'm healthy and so is my immediate family.

A girl who was a year behind me in school was in a really bad car accident a few days after Christmas. That in itself isn't anything shocking to me, but what is, is that her husband was killed in that crash. Her and her 5 month old son were in two different hospitals. Luckily, they have been released, but now they are husband and fatherless. I'm so lucky that I have my husband and Logan has his daddy.

Yesterday we were out to lunch with my family and my mom got a phone call from my 'sister'. (Long story...) She was in tears because her other 'mom' was in the hospital. She had just had a really bad stroke and was on life support. It doesn't look good for her, and even if she does pull through they say she will be a vegetable. Wow. Again, I'm so lucky for the health of my family.

I know that anything can change in an instant. Nothing in this life is for certain. Not to sound cliche, but we need to live each day like there is no tomorrow. We can't take life for granted. This life, here on earth, is way to short. Yes, we can have eternal life, and see our loved ones in heaven. But they are the lucky ones. They aren't the ones that are left behind, dealing with the life here.

Sorry to be such a down-er. My heart has just been so heavy for all of these people. Please keep them in your prayers! And don't take what you have for never know when it won't be yours any more.

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Anonymous said...

I've been experiencing a lot of similar emotions recently. My friend and I were saying how it seemed like more people were having problems, but then we concluded it was really that we are just more aware of it now. Anyway, thanks for the reminder to always rely on God and thank Him for what we do have.