Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logan - 7 Months

(October 27, 2011)

(This is the typical Logan face)

My baby is now full out into the second half of his first year. Wowzers!

This has been a crazy month. Honestly, I don't what happened to this month...did it totally fly by for anyone else? I kept saying that Logan was 6 months, and this weekend Kevin had to correct me by saying that he was going to be 7 months this week. WHAT!!?!?!

It has been a good month though, with lots and lots of changes...maybe that why it went so fast?

Logan is now full out crawling, pulling himself up to standing on EVERYTHING (including his crib)(Why do you leave me in this thing? I want freedom!)

and is now the proud owner of 2 bottom teeth. Oh, and we are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. back to sleeping through the night! YAY!!! Too bad momma is still on the wake up every 2-3 hours schedule...

Crawling takes us all over the house, including discovering the stairs the other day. Time for baby gates?

(Nice puppy dog, come here puppy dog, let me hit/grab you puppy dog)

Oh, and you have been making this awesome, funny noise with your mouth. No one can figure out how you do it, but you make this popping noise as you move your lips up and down and in and out...quite charming.

Bath time is still a favorite, as long as there are fun toys. And a washcloth to suck on. Actually, the washcloth to suck on is good for anything because after chowing down you like to try and steal the cloth I'm cleaning you with.

And you are LOVING your puppy! She is much more tolerant of you than the cats are...

(Hmm can I take her for a walk?)

All of your 0-3 cloths are packed up and you are in 3-6 or 6 months. We are still going strong on using cloth diapers. We had to move the up a notch to a larger size, and are using up the last of the very few size 1's in disposables we have lying around. You eat anything and everything. Seriously. If we're eating it, you want it. And as long as it's homemade, I'll give it to you. You are so over purees and what stuff that you can feed yourself. You really are growing up way to quick for me!

Monthly photos are getting harder and harder to take with my active little monkey.

(Ooo check out this book!)

(Yo Mr. monkey what's shakin'? You ready to bust out of this chair?)

(You go that way, I'll go this way)

Logan, you are still my favorite! Even though we had a fussy time this month with teething and all. You are finally getting over your stranger anxiety which makes momma's life a bit easier. I love seeing your face light up when you see me. You no longer are mad at us when we leave you in the nursery at church or when I hand you off at Bible study. You are such a friendly, loving boy and want to hold hands with any baby or child you see. It's super cute. You are a total sweetheart.

If you missed months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 month update (does anyone know how to add those fun tabs at the top of the web page?)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Take A Stand

That's what my baby is doing.

Yup, that's right, he's STANDING!!!

(Sure he stood on the boardwalk at 3 months...but I made him)

He's been trying to pull himself up on stuff the past few days, but he's a full out pro now. So much so that 2 evenings ago I went into his room to get him after a nap and he was S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G. there! Wha!?!?! My baby? Standing in his crib!?!?

(Sorry for the crappy cell pic)

Once he does something, he just keeps doing it and doing it until he has totally conquered it and is ready to push on to the next thing. Like rolling. Or crawling. He's only been pulling himself up to a stand the past few days and already he's trying to stand on his own.

I miss my baby :-(

Oh, and I'm working on his 7 month post...just need to take his photos this morning since we were out all day yesterday. (Side note: we got Kev's car inspected yesterday and it's the first time EVER that we didn't need any repairs done for it to pass! And we had a AAA voucher that needed to be used, so we paid a total of $10.02 for the inspection! Swwweeeeet!!)

Oh, and I'm also linking up to the Fall Follower Fest which you can link up here if you'd like :-)


For anyone checking out my site HI! and here's a bit about me:

My name's Renae, I'm wife to Kevin (who sometimes post on here), mom to Logan who just turned 7 months yesterday, and we have 2 cats and just got a dog 2 weeks ago. Crazy I know. We bought our first house just over a year ago via a short sale and have been working on making it our home. I love making new friends (IRL or on blogland) and I am so looking forward to finding some new blogs to read!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Baby!

We had a party at our place this past weekend (post to come), so we were left with bales of straw, cornstalks and pumpkins...add in a super cute baby boy and it's a photo shoot waiting to happen :-)

These are just a few...

Have I mentioned lately I love this little boy???

Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Growing Family

No, I'm not pregnant again.

But we did just add the cutest little girl to our home. The four legged, furry kind.

We are currently trying to get the two cats acclimated to her, so it's a bit of a mad house over here.

Meet Kadee

A Jack Russell/Beagle mixed and total sweetheart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 Month Check Up

Logan finally had his 6 month check up.

(Disclaimer: Parental bragging ahead)

Yes, he is almost 6.5 months. Some how we got a week behind on them, and then a few days before his scheduled one the doctor office called and said they doctor wasn't going to be around for it so it had to be pushed back another week.

Not sure if he remembers the place, or just his stranger anxiety, but he put up a fight to be weighed and measured. Like he literally hung onto the sides of the scale! Poor baby. He clocked in at 15 pounds 1.5 oz and 2'1.67" long. Little man is growing! He's still in the super low percentile, which is funny because people always comment on how big he is.

His bottom teeth are getting ready to pop through soon , which I'm hoping that explains his crankiness lately. I don't know how much more fussy baby I can take...those teeth better cut soon! :-)

As the doctor was checking him, he was trying to play and take her instruments, even after she moved them away. She said he was a very intelligent baby and it would be fun baby proofing our house when he starts to crawl. So I told her that he was already crawling and she was a bit surprised.

Once she was finished she stood him up to hand him over and he started 'walking' over to me. Again, she was surprised and said that he would be walking early. She said he is really athletic. I didn't think that was possible to tell with babies, but when he was born you could totally see muscle and I (and Kev) thought of him as an athlete, but I just thought that was parental biasness. (Yes, I made bias-ness a word)

So it looks like we still have our super healthy son who's also intelligent and an athlete :-) Love him.

And what's a post without some photos?

(What do you mean I need a shot!?!?!)

(Blue Steel)

(How you doin'?)

(This kid knows how to flirt...he's been capturing hearts of ladies everywhere)

End Parental Bragging :-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Maggie :-)

Good friends of our just had a baby girl last week :-)

I was blessed enough to go over to their place to take a few newborn photos of her. She is such a cutie!!! I'm in the process of cleaning them up, but here are a few.

And the littlest Phillies fan :-)

Also the photo I'm using for Our Footprints On the World Friday Foto edit.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Filled Funness Part Dos

Friday night was the fair and Saturday we went apple picking with a few friends.

A few couples from our small group met at Highland Orchards for some apple pickin' much fun that we spent about 4 hours there! Crazy I know! Logan was a trooper :-)

It must have been a popular Saturday to go because we ran into a bunch of people we knew.

Once we rode out to the orchards, a lot of the apples were ones we hadn't heard of, so we had to try them. Luckily, Kev brought his pocket knife so we could all have a slice...and then Logan got the privileged of sucking on the remaining part of the apple :-) I think that was his favorite.

Actually, he (Logan) got a bit confused. He saw us reaching into the tree and pull stuff out, so he thought he'd help.

It was so funny! He would reach out and grab a handful to eat. And would cry hysterically if we took it away until we let him pick another leaf.

So of course Momma had to show him how it was done.

Maybe now he can understand why it was taking us so long! Lol.

Soon-yung took it upon himself (aka, Dawn asked him) to climb the tree to retrieve the perfect apple.

After our crazy long excursion, the Kang's came back to our place to help us bake and hang out. We made an awesome apple pie and some slammin' apple crisp! :-) We were so caught up in the process that we totally didn't take any photos. Oops!

I did snag a picture of the pie all wrapped up so we could take it to our couples group.

Then on Sunday we had our couple's group after church and then got to meet our friends new baby girl. So cute!!! I did a few newborn photos for her yesterday, so I'll post a few of them later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Filled Funness

Yes, I said funness. And yes, funness is a word in my book (blog).

We had an awesome weekend! So awesome that I need yesterday to recover. Actually, Logan need yesterday to recover, which meant that I had to recover from him recovering!

Friday night we drove up to Lancaster to go to the Lampeter Fair with my family. It's the fair I grew up with, and haven't been to in years. As we drove up I was flooded with memories from all the years spent there. As I shared some with Kevin he laughed and said that he didn't realize how much of a hick I was. Oops. I guess not everyone participates in a greased pig contest. How was I suppose to know? The fact that he didn't know that you actually grease the kids and not the pig showed that he wasn't kidding.

Friday night at the fair is the horse show, including bull roping!

When we arrived we checked out the animals, then heading on to the food. Can't go to a fair and not get some yummy fair food! I can't get over how many people I ran into! It's been 10 years (*gasp* I'm old!!!) since I've really lived in the area, but I guess a lot of people stay around. Almost everyone has kids too! So crazy!!!

All the (not so) little oinkers were sleeping, I guess we came by right after feeding time.

The sheep were wide awake though! The one kept jumping up at us! Logan liked watching them, but I think he got scared when they jumped at him.

We stumbled across this huge pumpkin...2oo pounds! Craziness!

Little farmer boy :-) He loved pulling up the straw and kept trying to eat it. Go figure.

Hands down the cows were Logan's favorite! He LOVED them! My dad was holding him facing a cow and mooing and the cow mooed back...which got Logan mooing! The whole time he was staring at them he was mooing to them...sooo cute! (Have I mentioned my kids smart? Yeah. He is.)

Since it was the horse show, there were horses seriously everywhere!
This one has her mane all gussied up :-)

Flirtin' with a cowboy ;-)

And since we are at a fair, there are tractors E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E
There are antique ones (notice the Keep Off sign? Oops!)

And huge new ones...I think he liked the older (smaller) ones a lot better

They even had a baby station in one of the tents! How cool is that??!?!!

For the cattle ropin', they drove the trunk down to one end of the arena, dropped them off, then when they were roped, herded them to the other end and back into the truck. Only to do it all over again when they were all caught.

(Since it was so dark out by that time the only hope in getting some shots was black and white courtesy of Kev (as are most of the photos in this post )

We were standing right at the fence where they herded the bulls afterward... it was crazy! They would hip check it, and we were told they could actually jump a foot higher then what the fence was. Great. Talk about adrenaline rush! But that's the fence that's blurred in the bottom of a few of the next photos.

You've heard the saying "being bull-headed"? Watching these guys, and how stubborn they can get, the phrase makes perfect sense. They would just stop and not budge. At all.

So brave guy had to help them along. All I can say is better him than me! I wouldn't want to be that close to those horns!

So that was Friday night...and this post is already way too long, so I'll do another write up on Saturday's apple day. :-)

Oh, and if you didn't already think that this was a 'real fair', they had to make an announcement for someone to go to their horse and buggy because the horse was getting sick! Lol. Only in Lancaster (Or I guess a southern town) :-)