Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Logan - 3 months

(2 days late...but better late than never? Right???)

Seriously!?!? 3 months already!?!?! Check out month 1 and month 2.

This has been a great month, full of first.

Not all first are good. You had your first bottle. You screamed bloody murder! You did the same for the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and.... but finally you got it. You don't enjoy it by any means, but you know that if you want to eat during the day you have to take it. I know you still don't enjoy it, because you try to soak up as much momma feeding time in the evening as you can! You'll eat 3 times in the 3.5-4 hours I'm home before you go to bed.

You also experienced your first time being away from momma for a long period of time and your first time being babysat by both Oma and Mommom!

You had your first Memorial day picnic where you met most of Momma's aunts, uncles and cousins.

You also went to your first wedding and were wonderful! I love that we can take you anywhere and not worry if you'll act up.

Daddy finished work the week before Momma had to go back to work, so we went on a few family day trips. You got to see the aquarium and walk around Inner Harbor, you went strawberry picking and hiking. Then you had your first overnight stay, and my favorite first for you to experience...your first time at the beach!

Not even 3 months at the time and you loved it!!!! Yay!!! Totally your parents child! :-)

This month you started to drool like a crazy man! All the time, nonstop. You've even drooled INTO daddy's mouth on more than one occasion. :-) It might be partly because you have to have something in your mouth at all times. You try your fist, but mostly that's too big, so you'll end up with 2 fingers. Or someone elses' fingers...or a wrist, or shoulder, or whatever maybe close to the mouth at the time.

You roll over from your tummy to your back all the time and almost have rolling from your back to your tummy down. Almost.

You also started to sleep through the night! Momma was super excited when you did your first 9.5 hour stretch! The longest to date is 10 hours. I think Momma going back to work has messed with you though, because you will only do that during the weekends now and wake up once or twice a night to eat during the week.

You act like a big kid all the time, and hold your head like a pro!

You are such a mover too, and I know that our days are numbered until you start crawling. You push with your legs and just want to go.

(Pushed so hard he went over the boppy to a face plant!)

You still wear 0-3 in clothing, but we can put you into some 3-6, they are just super baggy. Which is kinda surprising since you are around 14 pounds! Still wearing size 1 in disposables, but you only wear them when we are out and about for the day, or sometimes at night so Momma can wash your cloth diapers and have time for them to dry. You're still in the smallest size for them and 4 clicks in on each side. You're getting more and more hair, but it's so white/blonde that it's hard to see.

And now for your 'typical' monthly photos with the monkey.

(Getting so big! And can totally sit without flopping over!)

(Getting so much longer than the monkey now!)


We love you so much and bring so much joy and light into our lives and the lives of everyone who sees you. I can't tell you how many times people stop us to say what a beautiful, happy baby you are. You are so content and rarely fuss. We super lucky and you are setting some pretty high standards for your future brothers/sisters!
You pray with us as we pray with you/for you every night. Our prayer is that you will be a light to everyone who meets you and that you will share the joy of Christ!

You have rocked our world in the short (not-so-short) 3 months of life and we can't wait to watch you grow up! You are such a blessing to us!

Love always,



Anonymous said...

He is getting so big!!! And is utterly adorable :)

I think Logan is very blessed to have a mommy and a daddy like you and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot of firsts! Go Logan!

Derek and Nichole said...

what a beautiful baby! he looks a lot like both of you :)