Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Night Fun

I think I've mentioned before how fast this summer is going!

Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's having Kevin home more, maybe just the long days and the hope that it will go on forever.

Kevin starts back to school tomorrow, and while there's still a month until the official end of summer and almost 2 weeks until Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, around here it feels like today is the end. :-/

August has been a blast doing little things here and there, including a lot of swimming and some parks.

Enter random photo dump...
Logan inspecting Daddy and Grandpa's work on the new gutter

Don't leave a bag of Cheerios in baby's reach...
 The next few photos are from the Vintage Garage Sale... the last one of the summer :-/

Cool idea for organizing jewelry

Trying to be artist, but L wouldn't cooperate

Spray painted branch to hang necklaces

Awesome idea to turn and old drawer into a shelf!

And who can go without getting Ka'Chi?
 We met my one friend and 2 of her boys at the splash park

Of course Logan played on the slides

Then A had to show him how the big boys do it

All the boys were a little unsure of the water



The 2 babies conspiring...
Logan also got to go to his first friend birthday party! His buddy Elisha turned 1! I couldn't get the camera to get the right white balance inside, so I apologize now for the crappy photos.

Logan teaching Maggie that now she can crawl, they can cause trouble together

The cutest cupcakes!!!

Adorable cake
Pool to cool the babies off...until we had a wild one who took his diaper off...

Logan and the birthday boy

Playing big brother and checking out what Maggie put in her mouth

I get to choose one!?!?

Zipline for the big 'kids'

Elizabeth watch the babies

I think Logan want to try it next

Cake time!
We also had a few trips out the Lancaster to see my parents.

This cow thought she was dying and wouldn't stop mooing

Kitty chasing time!

Sorry buddy, they are too fast for you!

We attended a murder mystery dinner the other much fun that it needs it's own post

Last night we had a bonfire* and had some neighbors over that we've gotten to know really well this summer. Their kids are always outside looking for Logan to come play, and as soon as Logan hear's them playing he's grabbing me and dragging me outside. It's cute :-)

They created a dirt pile around a tree outback

Hours of fun I tell ya

First we had dinner outside

Pretty salad

Logan liked the potatoes

Then the fire started...

Marshmellow goodness

Chocolate yumminess


Trying to sit on his tot chair

Josh watching the fire

The guys had a dress code

Sneak! He also stole the chocolate off my graham cracker when I was making a s'more

Emily starting to get sleepy...

So they had story time on the swing. I was surprised Logan lasted through almost 2 books!
We are so blessed to have such great neighbors!

*I call it a bonfire, Kev says it's more of a campfire since it's contained in a small metal-thingy and doesn't get big. Whatever, bonfires sound more fun :-)