Monday, April 30, 2012

Puppy Love

One of my besties from college has a dog who just had puppies. Actually, the puppies were born during Logan's birthday party :-)

So another one of the besties (the third is going to have a baby any day!!!) and I packed up the Logan man and drove out to see them.

The momma is a yellow lab and the dad is a black lab, so the result is an absolutely killer cute litter of puppies. There are 4 yellow, 2 black and 1 chocolate and all are precious.

After lunch we all grabbed a puppy or two and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

*** Warning*** Be prepared for cuteness

Took him awhile, but he decided he liked the drumstick

Steph loving the puppies

Chase the momma

Not only did she keep an eye on all 7 of her babies, but she kept mine from wondering the driveway

Don't test me Moose!

Puppy eyes

Mmm, your ear is good

Crouch, then pounce

Blue eyes!!!

Hiding spot

Come here puppy, I love you puppy

Can we keep him mom?


Go momma!


I sleepy, I need to find someone to nap on


Gotta throw in a photo of my model baby
Don't squish the puppy

Big (very big) brother wanted some attention too

You's makes a nice pillow

Sometimes you just wanna be left alone

How's it going?

Yeah, I need a break from all of them too

It was such a fun day! So glad we could go up and hang out!!!

Oh, and a few of the pups are still for sale if anyone's interested!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Few Fun First

Not the normal first that you would think of. No. No these are fun first.

Logan had his first worm experience. Lol.
Oh my. He was super excited for the wriggly little creature I set in front of him. At first he thought it was food. A few times actually. Then he decided to try and rub it into the sidewalk. RUB! Poor little wormy. After a minute of torture he was put out of his misery by being ripped in half. :-( RIP wormy. I feel bad for all the little critters that dare come in a 5 foot radius of Logan.
I can play with this?
 (Random side note... See the flower behind him? He tried to pull it out one time, so I told him "No, we don't pick flowers, we smell them." And leaned forward to sniff it. Now every time we walk past it he stops and leans towards it. So cute :-) )
What should I do?

I know, I'll eat it!

Momma said "no", but I want to try again

If I can't eat, then what?

You want to play on the sidewalk?

Then we had some bubble fun. It was a little breezy so the bubbles blew away really fast and he LOVED them. He didn't quite get the concept and tried to sit on me while I blew them, only to have them fly across the yard. So daddy tried inside without the wind. So fun!

I love how much of a little boy my son is coming. (Did you notice the scrapes and bruises?)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celeb Look Alike?

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

 I came across this blog where she looked up her celebrity doppelganger. So I thought I'd give it a try. I have the few that I get all the time (random fact, I got asked for an autograph at Wawa one time) but I thought it'd be fun to see who a computer thinks I look like from this website.

Match: 90%
Match: 89%
Match: 84%
Match: 83%
Match: 82%
Ashanti Mira Sorvino JK Rowling Richard Dreyfuss Paris Hilton
Mira Sorvino
JK Rowling
Richard Dreyfuss
Paris Hilton

I guess Ashanti and I have the same nose...but 90%!!!??!

I get told I look like Anna Kournikova the most. A few years ago when she was on top of her game, and I had my long hair, I would be told at least a few times a week from random people how much I looked like her.

I don't really have any photos of me on this computer, so I had to rely on facebook, and let's face it, there are way to many photos for me to try and go through, so I picked a random one that kinda could possibly look like both. If you know me though, you don't need a photo to compare. :-)

I used to get Oksana Baiul back in the day when she was a popular Olympic skater.

Scrolling through some of their photos, I can see ones where we look similar, but for the most part, I don't see it. And by the most part, I mean when they are making normal faces :-)

So what are your thoughts?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

Last year Logan was 4 weeks young on Easter...this year he was 54 weeks old. Old enough to realize that it's a fun time :-)

We started the day off with church, and then headed out to Lancaster to see my family.

It was a gorgeous day and spent a ton of time outside both before dinner and after.

Pouting before church

His Easter basket

Look! An egg!!!

Cheerios!!! Just like what mommy used to get as a kid (and teen, and maybe even as an adult...)

Found another egg!

Family photo with silly boy

Family photo for real

Logan and Daddy

Logan and Mommy

This is what happens to fussy boys

Stud muffin

Baby model

Enough already! Is it time to eat yet?

Momma love

This hill is steeper than it looks guys!

Ooo! I found one!

Momma found one too :-)

Oma teaching Logan...

Got his eggs

Look at my basket!

Hmm, what's in it?

I think these go together...

Granddaddy showing Logan how they are suppose to go

Mark and Amanda watching the munchkin and chillin'

Daddy napping

I love slides!!!

Weee!!! So fun!

What's in here?

Uncle Mark pushing Logan in his new 'car'

Guys! I said I'm done!!!

The slide inside

It was a great day!