Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Christmas Filled Weekend

Actually, this was last weekend, this weekend was a pretty chill weekend filled with projects around the house. You can check out Kev's blog about what was done on Saturday and on Sunday. Because, let's be honest, I'm not going to get around to posting about it.

Christmas cheer continued around here last weekend.

Friday Kevin decided to work from home, which meant that I had a car. :-) I ran a few errands, including stopping by my old job to see a coworker who is in from Ohio this time of year. I must say that I don't miss the stress of buyback at all. This is the first time that I can thoroughly enjoy this season in probably close to 10 years! No working long hours or weekends. Just time for family and friends. Which is what we did Friday night. We traveled out to Lancaster for our annual besties Christmas dinner. There are four of us who were all super close in college, and now that we are all married our hubbies are too! We are spread out between Lancaster, Chester and Bucks county so it's hard to see each other often, but it's always a good time when we do!

Kel and Nate hosted this year and we did a breakfast for dinner theme. Mmm!!! Logan enjoyed every bit too...especially when Kevin decided to put a squirt of whipped cream on his plate. That kid dug into it quicker than I've ever seen him move before (and that's saying something because he can move!).

They recently inherited an old skee ball machine so we spent the better part of the evening in the basement playing. Actually, the guys spent most of the time down there, the girls got cold and left after we won 2 out of the 3 rounds of guys v.s. girls.

Saturday was a busy day, but a good kind of busy. Kevin surprised me in the morning with a Momma's Morning Out. The Smith's came over and Kevin and Andy watched the babies so Elizabeth and I could enjoy a lovely breakfast at Panera without the babies crying, feeding, puking, or climbing on us. It was so tempting to stay out all day until the guys called for help, but we had plans to meet friends to see Santa around 1. The guys did an awesome job and Logan took an hour long nap without a fuss!

As soon as he woke up we packed up and were off to see Santa at Waterloo Gardens! The guy really does look like Santa, he sits in a sleigh surrounded in poinsettias which is picture perfect, he takes time to talk to each child and it's free! You bring your own camera and capture the moment yourself. We met up with my friend Meghan (who was the one who told me about it) and her husband and 3 boys

We walked around the shop for a bit that is filled with gorgeous ornaments. And over sized stuff animals. Logan wasn't really impressed.

After that was a quick nap (for all 3 of us) then off to our first party of the evening. Sadly, we don't have any pictures of the rest of the night. The party was a luau theme and they went all out. Completely with a pig with an apple in it's mouth in the middle of the table. As always the food was awesome and the friends too. There were 2 other babies there who were 8 months and 7 months so Logan had some friends too. :-)

As if we weren't pushing his bedtime enough, around 9 we stopped at our final party, the Young Life Christmas party. I think this is like our 4th year or so going to one and it's always a good time. Once again the food is amazing and there are always so many leftovers that we are forced encouraged to take some home. As always they do the infamous white elephant gift exchange. Since we were late, we didn't partake, but it's still a blast to watch. I mean, it is seriously cut throat. If you touch a gift, it's yours and people will push to try and get you to touch something. Since there are over 30 people playing it takes quite awhile and gifts get forgotten, but there are always the few that get stolen over and over until they are frozen. This year got so bad that one of the college leaders actually stole a TV from one of the area directors young son. Luckily, his youngest brother stole it back at the end (after his other brother stole his goldfish). Gotta love it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Logan 8 Months

(Sorry this post has taken so long to get up, better late than never, right? I have been back and forth between 2 laptops that both partially work and it just takes too much time with having such an active little boy)

November 27, 2011

How is my baby 8 months?!?!?!

Time really does begin to fly when you have a baby! Although Logan wouldn't be happy with me if he saw me call him a baby. He thinks that he's a big boy :-)

I see new babies and I keep thinking that Logan is that tiny, but then I look at him and realize that he is rapidly turning into a little boy.

He crawls all over the place, no longer staying in just the room that I set him down in, or the room that I'm in. Although often if I leave the room he will come racing after me. It's quite comical almost like the old school game Red Light, Green Light, because as soon as I turn to look at him he stops. My man can pull himself up on anything too. And he's brave enough to only hold on with one hand, and to try and grab onto something else. He's slowing grasping that he can walk along objects, but that hasn't really been experimented with. He would much rather stand at the coffee table and hit it with his hands then walk along to the other side.

Closing doors are another favorite of his. He will quickly and stealthily scurry across a room and grab the door and push. There may or may not have been a time or to where he has closed the door on Momma or Dada to keep us out...

He also loves to read. Rather, he loves for someone to read to him while he grabs random pages and turns back and forth. Good thing I have his favorite books memorized or I would be making up a lot of parts to the story.

Logan also got to celebrate two holidays this month...his first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving. Both of them involved food so he loved them both. It took awhile for him to grasp the concept of Trick-or-Treating, but as soon as he realized that when someone put a bowl of crinkly things, he was suppose to reach in and grab as much as he could and proceed to shove it into his mouth. Needless to say, we ended up with a few piece of extra candy from a few house because they didn't want the slobber covered candy back. Darn. :-)

Although he spent most of the night walking around holding his Teddy Grams, I think the Tootsie Pop was his fave...all that's to Daddy Boy. 

Thanksgiving was a crazy of family, fun and food and Logan enjoyed it all! You can read more about his first Thanksgiving here. 

You had your first(and second) overnight at Oma and  Granddad's. We went on lots of walks, baked, and played. Both you and Kadee loved the door leading out to the desk.

We finished using the last size 1 diaper and have now moved onto size 3. Totally skipping size 2 since you are at the upper limit for them and we don't use disposables enough to make it worth it. The size 3's should take us up to your first birthday at least. (I did not just mention a 1st birthday! My baby is not that old! *Tear*)  Diaper changes have become quite the entertainment around here. You hate to lay still on your back and will squirm and twist and push while I try to change you. You are quite the contortionist. We try to distract you by giving you toys, but your new game is to throw/drop the toy and make us pick it up. You think it's hystarical! I counted once...20 times during one change! 

You can still wear 3-6 months as well as 6 months. You wear 6-12 months too, but some of them are still swimming on you. 

Sadly, you also experienced your first cold this month. Not fun for either of us. You were a trooper though and didn't let it get you down. You enjoyed spending the nights cuddled up on did I. :-) 

So baby doll, you are growing bigger and bigger and smarter and smarter every day. Nothing holds you back. Your are a very determined little boy who achieves whatever you set out to do. You are still such a joy and bring smiles to everyone. You bask in attention and think it's hilarious when we copy you or cheer you on. Still a Momma's boy, but loves Dada time. I love you so much, more and more each day!

And just so you can see a little bit of what I go through on a daily basis...nothing stops this kid! Including momma's face :-) 

Check out last months, 7 month post to see the links to Logan's past 8 months. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December - The Holidays are in the Air

We have started off December with a kick. I (Kevin) love the Holidays and do everything that I can to maximize that joyous feeling that one gets during this time of the year. It got so bad that this year when church announced that you could sign up for their Christmas concerts via internet, I logged in to their website and ordered tickets on my iPhone during the rest of the announcements (Renae shook her head at me, but last year we almost weren't able to attend any because we waited so long).

Dec 1 - I bowed out of a field trip to Pittsburgh that I was originally signed up for, and surprised Renae by having my mom and sister come up and watch Logan for the night. We escaped and hung out with some really awesome friends of ours from church and just had dinner, talked and played Mario Kart Wii. It was good for us to hang out as just a couple, and Renae really seemed to enjoy the getting out without a 17lb hip attachment.

Dec 2 - I took a half day from work to surprise Renae. We spent the afternoon running some errands together, and then got ready for the West Chester Old Fashioned Christmas parade. To read more on that you can check out my blog (Daddy Daze) for the post "A Christmas Parade Tradition."

Dec 3 - This was a busy day. We started off the day meeting up with some good friends and tree hunting for our first ever Reigner Family Christmas tree. It was fun taking the little man through the tree fields and find the perfect tree for our living room. Again, you can read more about this adventure from my blog in the post "A Christmas Tree Hunt"

Later that night we had a Thanksgiving/Christmas ....Thankistmas.... Dinner with our Couples Group Bible study friends. The Behm's have been hosting this group for almost 2 years at their house, and some very great friendships have formed as a result of them faithfully opening their home to us every other Sunday afternoon. The night started off with some appetizers and lots of talk, then transitioned into a series of games (which were awesome) followed by a group dinner, and then one last game before calling it a night (Yeah, we were there from 3-9:00). Mark organized the game time so that you would continually be paired up with a different person from each couple, which was great because it got us to interact more with one another...not that we need that. Here are some pictures from the night:
Always a fun time when you have to act out things without using words.

I had to figure out how to act out "angel" I should have just pointed at Logan...haha yeah right

After a few rounds of just the guys going, Renae stepped up to bat...she did very well!

LOL, Andy trying to get Elizabeth to guess "mole." From this picture I feel like Igor or Hunchback would be the word.

Scattergories was another aggressive game, looks like Steve is challenging a word.
I would not mess with these two. Dawn and Alayna are super competitive and only settle for excellence. Alayna was undefeated throughout all of her competitions.

Darrell and Sung-yoon patiently waiting for Mark to pray so that they can begin eating.

I love this group because everyone can cook and bake, and almost weekly we get together for a meal where everyone brings something for the meal....we are truly blessed to have all met one another (the guys especially, cause we like to eat)

Logan made up his own version of Guesstures. Not really sure what the object was here.

To end out the night we all came together and played a Guys vs Gals Guesstures competition. Get this...the final score was Gals 59-58. Rob had the pressure on to get that final point, but the time ran out too soon :(

The night would not be complete without a little Logan getting himself into trouble. At this point he was making a nest out of Renae's hair and it took the efforts of Dawn and Sung-yoon to release the Momma.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Things have been crazy around here, as I explained in one of the post that I started but never finished...

Basically my computer sucks, and I can't seem to get either camera to download pictures to it. I don't like to blog without photos, hence no blogging. That, and the reason why the pictures won't load is because my computer's 6 years old which means it's super slow. Like SUPER slow. As in it can take 5 minutes to load a page sometimes. So long that I walk away or get distracted doing something else (baby, dog, cat1, cat2, house, crafting, etc.).

Logan had his first Thanksgiving yesterday! So fun! Thanksgiving is always a fun, crazy holiday because my dad is one of six. So even with people growing up and moving away or spending the holiday elsewhere we always have between 20-30 people at my parents house.

My nana and I come up on Wednesday night to help with the prep and sometimes a cousin will too.

Well this year was an extra special Thanksgiving. No only because it's Logan's first one, but it is also the first holiday that my cousin David has spent with the family in 31 years! (I'm not even touching 30 yet, so you do the math, my first holiday with him) So fun!

Of course he got placed at the 'kids' table with all of us (Side note: it really needs a new name because technically Logan and Skylar are the only two kids, and the 'kids' out number the adults by more than double!) out in the living room. I have only seen David 2 times since my age has moved into the double digits, and once was my wedding and the other was my cousin's (his half sister) wedding. So it was great spending actual time with him. Even though he hasn't been a Crnkovich since he was 7, it's so crazy to see the family resemblance. Obviously in looks, but also in the way he talks and personality.

Logan had a blast and gobbled down as much food as he could! I love the fact that he's able to eat real food and could fully enjoy his first Thanksgiving. He had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (I scooped some out before the sweet glaze was added), stuffing, bread, cranberries and fruit cocktail. That kid was in heaven! And he feed most of it to himself...and the floor :-) He soaked up all the attention he could get, and since he's the first baby (and only) he got plenty of it.

I'll try to get a post up with photos later, but who knows when, so at least now I'll have something to look back on when I try to remember this Thanksgiving :-)

I'll leave you with a photo from Kev's iPhone, which apparently I can't use, so excuse the blur.

(Mmm is that all for me?!?!!?)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logan - 7 Months

(October 27, 2011)

(This is the typical Logan face)

My baby is now full out into the second half of his first year. Wowzers!

This has been a crazy month. Honestly, I don't what happened to this month...did it totally fly by for anyone else? I kept saying that Logan was 6 months, and this weekend Kevin had to correct me by saying that he was going to be 7 months this week. WHAT!!?!?!

It has been a good month though, with lots and lots of changes...maybe that why it went so fast?

Logan is now full out crawling, pulling himself up to standing on EVERYTHING (including his crib)(Why do you leave me in this thing? I want freedom!)

and is now the proud owner of 2 bottom teeth. Oh, and we are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. back to sleeping through the night! YAY!!! Too bad momma is still on the wake up every 2-3 hours schedule...

Crawling takes us all over the house, including discovering the stairs the other day. Time for baby gates?

(Nice puppy dog, come here puppy dog, let me hit/grab you puppy dog)

Oh, and you have been making this awesome, funny noise with your mouth. No one can figure out how you do it, but you make this popping noise as you move your lips up and down and in and out...quite charming.

Bath time is still a favorite, as long as there are fun toys. And a washcloth to suck on. Actually, the washcloth to suck on is good for anything because after chowing down you like to try and steal the cloth I'm cleaning you with.

And you are LOVING your puppy! She is much more tolerant of you than the cats are...

(Hmm can I take her for a walk?)

All of your 0-3 cloths are packed up and you are in 3-6 or 6 months. We are still going strong on using cloth diapers. We had to move the up a notch to a larger size, and are using up the last of the very few size 1's in disposables we have lying around. You eat anything and everything. Seriously. If we're eating it, you want it. And as long as it's homemade, I'll give it to you. You are so over purees and what stuff that you can feed yourself. You really are growing up way to quick for me!

Monthly photos are getting harder and harder to take with my active little monkey.

(Ooo check out this book!)

(Yo Mr. monkey what's shakin'? You ready to bust out of this chair?)

(You go that way, I'll go this way)

Logan, you are still my favorite! Even though we had a fussy time this month with teething and all. You are finally getting over your stranger anxiety which makes momma's life a bit easier. I love seeing your face light up when you see me. You no longer are mad at us when we leave you in the nursery at church or when I hand you off at Bible study. You are such a friendly, loving boy and want to hold hands with any baby or child you see. It's super cute. You are a total sweetheart.

If you missed months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 month update (does anyone know how to add those fun tabs at the top of the web page?)