Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365 Week 2

January 8-14

Sunday was Kevin's mom side of the family Christmas gathering.
One of Kevin's cousins is a foster mom. She got this cutie just a few weeks after Logan was born. His name's Cole and he's 2 1/2 weeks younger than Logan, although he's bigger since L is a little guy. We thought it would be fun to plop them on the floor and see what they would do.


Whatcha got?

What is this thing?

Monday Logan thought it would be fun to hide my phone. I searched the half of the living room and entryway where he had been playing. Not until way later when I leaned over the side of the couch I glanced at the magazine basket and caught a glimpse of it. Finally!
Can you find it? Lucky you only have a small photo to look for it :-)

Tuesday I got fed up with looking at a naked tree in our house and took it upon myself to remove it. Apparantly our tree was a bit on the overweigh side...


Do you see how many needles are piled up on the right side? Yeah.

Wednesday we headed up to the PA Farm Show. Yeah, it was fun. Tons of food, fun and animals. Working on a post that may or may not get published (like 50% of them)


Thursday was a rainy, cold boring day, so Logan took a bath with daddy.

Not sure who had more fun..

Friday Kevin left for his first ever Young Life retreat. Winter Weekend! He will be missed, but he's going to have  blast!


Saturday was a lazy day, we went to Wegman's and that was it. Our excitement of the day was Kobe licking Logan's yogurt bowl clean. (Disclaimer: I normally don't let my animals on the table, or lick items we eat, and this went straight into the dishwasher so it got nice and clean and sanitized.)


P.S. We got a new lens for Christmas and I am totally loving it!!! What do you think? Now to find time to edit the photos...

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