Monday, October 14, 2013

Noah 7 months

This month has been so fun!

October 6, 2013
I'm a little annoyed because I wrote everything out and it didn't save :-/

You can sit completely unsupported for however long you feel, and you're getting so close to crawling. You get so upset when you can't reach something and end up moving backwards. You know how to spin yourself around to grab something on the side of you. 
Speaking of grabbing you have great pincher skills and can feed yourself Cheerios. We are doing some baby led weaning and you do great and love when I let you feed yourself. You do bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes and baby carrots. Since we started a program this month where we get free baby food you've been eating jarred meats (which surprisingly taste exactly like it should) and some fruits and veggies that I thicken with baby cereal. If you still want to feed yourself so if I make them thick enough ill plop it on your tray so you can shovel it in yourself. It's messy but fun. You my man are a little piggy and in purée terms you eat about 8oz of fruits/veggies and 2-3oz of meat and then Cheerios! That's on top of nursing at least every 3 hours still. 

Home measurements 27 inches and 16+ lbs and you wear 6-9, 9 month and 6-12 month clothing. If you wore disposables you'd be in size 3 but in your  cloth you're on the middle setting with 4 buttons in the middle.

You got to experience some of our Fall favorites this month going to my home town fair and to Linvilla Pumpkinland (which your brother and daddy are rocking their home page!) 

Sleep is something we need to work on buddy. You hit a wall at 7pm on the dot if you aren't in bed. You've slept till 530 on a few occasions but chose not to on a normal basis. 4-430 is your favorite wake up time (and momma's least fave since Dada gets up around 515 aka just as I start to drift back to sleep). But this month we have seen 1,2,and 3 quite often. I'm banking in those teeth cutting through soon or else I don't know why you keep waking unless you just miss me. :-) You take 2 naps a day, the first around 9-930 and the second around 2-230. Although, if we have days when we're busy you just take a series of catnaps.

You love your brother and crack up at him all the time and want to do what he does. He loves you, and tries to play momma to you by constantly telling you "no" and taking stuff away. You also love the kitties and like to pet them. You are a total snuggle bear and I'll take it! You have cheeks that I could munch on all day long and a killer smile to say that you love when I do. You love your attention and will give anyone who wants one a killer grin. Bath time is another new favorite. You can sit and play with your toys and have more fun by yourself then when Logan grabs your toys, but sorry kid, its easier for momma to wash you both at once. 

Noah, you are the sweetest, smiley little guy I know! You may be small but you're my little chunkster. You can brighten anyone's day with that whole face grin that you rock. I love you little guy!