Thursday, March 15, 2012

Logan 11 Months

February 27, 2012

I almost have a toddler! A TODDLER!!!

This has been a fantastic month with lots of growth and changes.

You can take steps, and climb the stairs, and open cabinets and get into anything you can. You are a copy cat. It's cute. It's fun. It's scary.
Hmm, I think we need more...

Anything else I can pull out?

This used to fit...

You know what you want, and will do everything to get it. Gotta admire your determination and it will take you to great places as you get older, if used properly. If you want to nurse, you will find my bag, take out the Udder Cover, and bring it over to me. If you want cheerios or your dried fruit, you will bring it to me (or whoever) and put it in my hand. You will go as far as picking my hand up and prying open my fingers so that I will hold it! Love it!

Oh and the temper tantrums. Yes, we have those too. Full out melt downs.

You are working on your 5th tooth and are still eating like a pro! I am amazed at how much you can put away. For some reason you also love to eat paper and cry when mama makes you take it out of your mouth and give it to me. You are still nursing about 4 times a day, soon we'll being to be cutting back. You aren't showing any signs of stopping soon, and momma doesn't want to lose that bond with you, so who knows how much longer we'll keep going.

When you aren't eating, you're using your mouth to talk. Nonstop jibber jabber from you. You have "Dada", "hi/hello" and "cat" down. And will occasionally throw in a "Mama" or "up" or "more". 

When you go to a new place, even if you've been there before, you are very reserved. It takes you a few minutes to survey your surrounding, probably so you can figure out what you want to get into and who you can flirt with :-)

Mom, you know how I feel about the camera in the tub

Boy, you are the biggest flirt! You know how to work the ladies and keep their attention where ever we go. You also love kids. You try to say hi to babies, and play with the bigger kids. You are super social and love to play with others, especially if it's ball. You love throwing it and making others chase after it. You have a mighty arm on you. Future baseball player or quarterback? The only thing is we need to work on your sharing. You are considered one of the bullies in the nursery on Wednesday mornings. Apparently, you and the other baby in there have no fear of the big kids and take whatever you want.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, plenty of LM for everyone...

You still wear 6-9 months and I have the bin of 12 months out, I just need to sort through it. Cloth diapers are the same with 3 empty buttons in the middle. I'm loving having the extra ones now and only having to wash them twice a week!

Look at how big he is!!!

C'mon monkey boy, play!

Fine, buh-bye monkey boy

A quick shot before he scooted away


You are the light of my life. I never realized how deep love could go until you came along. There are times where you frustrate me like no other and I have lost all patience for you. I wonder what I am doing being a mom. And that you flash your sweet lady killer smile, or pat my face and my heart melts. Your laugh is contagious, and you find the silliest things hilarious. You love your kitty cats (and their food) and torment them to no avail. You love being center of attention and will wave and say 'hi' to strangers as we walk by. I pray you continue to grow into the amazing little boy and then man that you are becoming. You're my favorite little baby :-) You're silly and fun and caring and loving. Keep being you and bringing sunshine into the lives of everyone you meet :-)



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