Monday, February 6, 2012

Logan 10 Months

January 27, 2012

A new year!
You celebrated your first New Year's Eve and MLK day this month. Not that either means anything to you ;-)

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You, my love, are a little fireball. You could be perfectly happy and content, but if your "toy" gets taken away you lose it. You know how to throw a temper tantrum like the best of them. Your head goes back, you throw your whole body around and your scream. Give you something else and in less than a second you are perfectly fine. Silly, silly boy. I used the term "toy" loosely, because anything you can get your hands on becomes yours...Wii remotes, TV controller, spoons, cell phones etcs. Actually, I really believe that you think the remote is yours. I have found you putting it in your toy boat numerous times and even in your toy basket a time or too! At least you know how to put away your toys :-)

You are turning into a little boy more and more each day. You can speed crawl and are out of the room in seconds! Sometimes you get so excited that you end up using a foot as you crawl...just a matter of time till you try and walk. :-) You cruise around on furniture and your toys without batting an eye, and are starting to realize that you can let go of something and grab something on the other side. You are also standing on your own a lot more.

You understand what we say, but are a very independent soul and don't always listen. :-) You like to test your boundaries too. Especially with the kitty food. You just don't understand why you can't play with their food, and think that if momma turns her back she can't see you. Same with your fascination with outlets. You really want to unplug whatever is plugged in.

You can wave goodbye, and you get super smiley and happy when you see someone you know. Daddy coming home every day is your favorite, and waking up to him over the weekend is a fun treat. Pure joy.

You make crazy sounds too. You love to strum your lips, suck on your tongue, and try to make other people make noises back at you.

My super active boy can't sit still for  picture, but will so sweetly give a nice strong hug to momma and daddy.

Not sure exactly your stats but your around 18 pounds and 28 inches. Still wearing a few 6 month, but wearing more and more 9 months.We added a few more clothe diapers to the mix this month and momma is super happy she only has to wash them twice a week now. When you do wear disposables you are in size 3.

I do love how active you are, and that you won't sit still. It makes your cuddly moments that much sweeter! Love you!

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