Friday, March 9, 2012

Play Date At The Park

We are lucky enough to have a cute little park less than a mile from our house. So we packed a lunch, loaded up the stroller and met a friend for a little play date. Did I mention that it was over 70*? In the beginning of March! Some sort of crazy solar flare or something. I'll take it!

Time for photo dump.

This is my favorite

Double trouble

Not quite sure about the slide

How to model: look relaxed, strike a pose, and don't look directly at the camera

I'm gonna do it and don't try to stop me

Just gonna go up here

Try and catch me

Look what I got!

It makes loud noise!

Hey mom, it got stuck to my sock. Time for shoes?

First you pick it up...

And then you throw/ drop it

Silly mamas...always breaking out that camera thing

Mamas and the babes

We had so much fun that we were out for almost 4 hours! The babies had fun. We all got a bit too much fun. Probably going to do it again next week :-)

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