Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 Month Check Up

Logan finally had his 6 month check up.

(Disclaimer: Parental bragging ahead)

Yes, he is almost 6.5 months. Some how we got a week behind on them, and then a few days before his scheduled one the doctor office called and said they doctor wasn't going to be around for it so it had to be pushed back another week.

Not sure if he remembers the place, or just his stranger anxiety, but he put up a fight to be weighed and measured. Like he literally hung onto the sides of the scale! Poor baby. He clocked in at 15 pounds 1.5 oz and 2'1.67" long. Little man is growing! He's still in the super low percentile, which is funny because people always comment on how big he is.

His bottom teeth are getting ready to pop through soon , which I'm hoping that explains his crankiness lately. I don't know how much more fussy baby I can take...those teeth better cut soon! :-)

As the doctor was checking him, he was trying to play and take her instruments, even after she moved them away. She said he was a very intelligent baby and it would be fun baby proofing our house when he starts to crawl. So I told her that he was already crawling and she was a bit surprised.

Once she was finished she stood him up to hand him over and he started 'walking' over to me. Again, she was surprised and said that he would be walking early. She said he is really athletic. I didn't think that was possible to tell with babies, but when he was born you could totally see muscle and I (and Kev) thought of him as an athlete, but I just thought that was parental biasness. (Yes, I made bias-ness a word)

So it looks like we still have our super healthy son who's also intelligent and an athlete :-) Love him.

And what's a post without some photos?

(What do you mean I need a shot!?!?!)

(Blue Steel)

(How you doin'?)

(This kid knows how to flirt...he's been capturing hearts of ladies everywhere)

End Parental Bragging :-)

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Zette Greg said...

Rae, love the "How you doin'?" picture! he looks so big (and by big, i mean grown up)!!