Friday, November 25, 2011


Things have been crazy around here, as I explained in one of the post that I started but never finished...

Basically my computer sucks, and I can't seem to get either camera to download pictures to it. I don't like to blog without photos, hence no blogging. That, and the reason why the pictures won't load is because my computer's 6 years old which means it's super slow. Like SUPER slow. As in it can take 5 minutes to load a page sometimes. So long that I walk away or get distracted doing something else (baby, dog, cat1, cat2, house, crafting, etc.).

Logan had his first Thanksgiving yesterday! So fun! Thanksgiving is always a fun, crazy holiday because my dad is one of six. So even with people growing up and moving away or spending the holiday elsewhere we always have between 20-30 people at my parents house.

My nana and I come up on Wednesday night to help with the prep and sometimes a cousin will too.

Well this year was an extra special Thanksgiving. No only because it's Logan's first one, but it is also the first holiday that my cousin David has spent with the family in 31 years! (I'm not even touching 30 yet, so you do the math, my first holiday with him) So fun!

Of course he got placed at the 'kids' table with all of us (Side note: it really needs a new name because technically Logan and Skylar are the only two kids, and the 'kids' out number the adults by more than double!) out in the living room. I have only seen David 2 times since my age has moved into the double digits, and once was my wedding and the other was my cousin's (his half sister) wedding. So it was great spending actual time with him. Even though he hasn't been a Crnkovich since he was 7, it's so crazy to see the family resemblance. Obviously in looks, but also in the way he talks and personality.

Logan had a blast and gobbled down as much food as he could! I love the fact that he's able to eat real food and could fully enjoy his first Thanksgiving. He had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (I scooped some out before the sweet glaze was added), stuffing, bread, cranberries and fruit cocktail. That kid was in heaven! And he feed most of it to himself...and the floor :-) He soaked up all the attention he could get, and since he's the first baby (and only) he got plenty of it.

I'll try to get a post up with photos later, but who knows when, so at least now I'll have something to look back on when I try to remember this Thanksgiving :-)

I'll leave you with a photo from Kev's iPhone, which apparently I can't use, so excuse the blur.

(Mmm is that all for me?!?!!?)

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