Sunday, December 4, 2011

December - The Holidays are in the Air

We have started off December with a kick. I (Kevin) love the Holidays and do everything that I can to maximize that joyous feeling that one gets during this time of the year. It got so bad that this year when church announced that you could sign up for their Christmas concerts via internet, I logged in to their website and ordered tickets on my iPhone during the rest of the announcements (Renae shook her head at me, but last year we almost weren't able to attend any because we waited so long).

Dec 1 - I bowed out of a field trip to Pittsburgh that I was originally signed up for, and surprised Renae by having my mom and sister come up and watch Logan for the night. We escaped and hung out with some really awesome friends of ours from church and just had dinner, talked and played Mario Kart Wii. It was good for us to hang out as just a couple, and Renae really seemed to enjoy the getting out without a 17lb hip attachment.

Dec 2 - I took a half day from work to surprise Renae. We spent the afternoon running some errands together, and then got ready for the West Chester Old Fashioned Christmas parade. To read more on that you can check out my blog (Daddy Daze) for the post "A Christmas Parade Tradition."

Dec 3 - This was a busy day. We started off the day meeting up with some good friends and tree hunting for our first ever Reigner Family Christmas tree. It was fun taking the little man through the tree fields and find the perfect tree for our living room. Again, you can read more about this adventure from my blog in the post "A Christmas Tree Hunt"

Later that night we had a Thanksgiving/Christmas ....Thankistmas.... Dinner with our Couples Group Bible study friends. The Behm's have been hosting this group for almost 2 years at their house, and some very great friendships have formed as a result of them faithfully opening their home to us every other Sunday afternoon. The night started off with some appetizers and lots of talk, then transitioned into a series of games (which were awesome) followed by a group dinner, and then one last game before calling it a night (Yeah, we were there from 3-9:00). Mark organized the game time so that you would continually be paired up with a different person from each couple, which was great because it got us to interact more with one another...not that we need that. Here are some pictures from the night:
Always a fun time when you have to act out things without using words.

I had to figure out how to act out "angel" I should have just pointed at Logan...haha yeah right

After a few rounds of just the guys going, Renae stepped up to bat...she did very well!

LOL, Andy trying to get Elizabeth to guess "mole." From this picture I feel like Igor or Hunchback would be the word.

Scattergories was another aggressive game, looks like Steve is challenging a word.
I would not mess with these two. Dawn and Alayna are super competitive and only settle for excellence. Alayna was undefeated throughout all of her competitions.

Darrell and Sung-yoon patiently waiting for Mark to pray so that they can begin eating.

I love this group because everyone can cook and bake, and almost weekly we get together for a meal where everyone brings something for the meal....we are truly blessed to have all met one another (the guys especially, cause we like to eat)

Logan made up his own version of Guesstures. Not really sure what the object was here.

To end out the night we all came together and played a Guys vs Gals Guesstures competition. Get this...the final score was Gals 59-58. Rob had the pressure on to get that final point, but the time ran out too soon :(

The night would not be complete without a little Logan getting himself into trouble. At this point he was making a nest out of Renae's hair and it took the efforts of Dawn and Sung-yoon to release the Momma.

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I love the Behm family! I taught their older girls drama for a few years.

And guestures is a phenomenal game!!!