Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Filled Funness

Yes, I said funness. And yes, funness is a word in my book (blog).

We had an awesome weekend! So awesome that I need yesterday to recover. Actually, Logan need yesterday to recover, which meant that I had to recover from him recovering!

Friday night we drove up to Lancaster to go to the Lampeter Fair with my family. It's the fair I grew up with, and haven't been to in years. As we drove up I was flooded with memories from all the years spent there. As I shared some with Kevin he laughed and said that he didn't realize how much of a hick I was. Oops. I guess not everyone participates in a greased pig contest. How was I suppose to know? The fact that he didn't know that you actually grease the kids and not the pig showed that he wasn't kidding.

Friday night at the fair is the horse show, including bull roping!

When we arrived we checked out the animals, then heading on to the food. Can't go to a fair and not get some yummy fair food! I can't get over how many people I ran into! It's been 10 years (*gasp* I'm old!!!) since I've really lived in the area, but I guess a lot of people stay around. Almost everyone has kids too! So crazy!!!

All the (not so) little oinkers were sleeping, I guess we came by right after feeding time.

The sheep were wide awake though! The one kept jumping up at us! Logan liked watching them, but I think he got scared when they jumped at him.

We stumbled across this huge pumpkin...2oo pounds! Craziness!

Little farmer boy :-) He loved pulling up the straw and kept trying to eat it. Go figure.

Hands down the cows were Logan's favorite! He LOVED them! My dad was holding him facing a cow and mooing and the cow mooed back...which got Logan mooing! The whole time he was staring at them he was mooing to them...sooo cute! (Have I mentioned my kids smart? Yeah. He is.)

Since it was the horse show, there were horses seriously everywhere!
This one has her mane all gussied up :-)

Flirtin' with a cowboy ;-)

And since we are at a fair, there are tractors E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E
There are antique ones (notice the Keep Off sign? Oops!)

And huge new ones...I think he liked the older (smaller) ones a lot better

They even had a baby station in one of the tents! How cool is that??!?!!

For the cattle ropin', they drove the trunk down to one end of the arena, dropped them off, then when they were roped, herded them to the other end and back into the truck. Only to do it all over again when they were all caught.

(Since it was so dark out by that time the only hope in getting some shots was black and white courtesy of Kev (as are most of the photos in this post )

We were standing right at the fence where they herded the bulls afterward... it was crazy! They would hip check it, and we were told they could actually jump a foot higher then what the fence was. Great. Talk about adrenaline rush! But that's the fence that's blurred in the bottom of a few of the next photos.

You've heard the saying "being bull-headed"? Watching these guys, and how stubborn they can get, the phrase makes perfect sense. They would just stop and not budge. At all.

So brave guy had to help them along. All I can say is better him than me! I wouldn't want to be that close to those horns!

So that was Friday night...and this post is already way too long, so I'll do another write up on Saturday's apple day. :-)

Oh, and if you didn't already think that this was a 'real fair', they had to make an announcement for someone to go to their horse and buggy because the horse was getting sick! Lol. Only in Lancaster (Or I guess a southern town) :-)

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