Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Filled Funness Part Dos

Friday night was the fair and Saturday we went apple picking with a few friends.

A few couples from our small group met at Highland Orchards for some apple pickin' much fun that we spent about 4 hours there! Crazy I know! Logan was a trooper :-)

It must have been a popular Saturday to go because we ran into a bunch of people we knew.

Once we rode out to the orchards, a lot of the apples were ones we hadn't heard of, so we had to try them. Luckily, Kev brought his pocket knife so we could all have a slice...and then Logan got the privileged of sucking on the remaining part of the apple :-) I think that was his favorite.

Actually, he (Logan) got a bit confused. He saw us reaching into the tree and pull stuff out, so he thought he'd help.

It was so funny! He would reach out and grab a handful to eat. And would cry hysterically if we took it away until we let him pick another leaf.

So of course Momma had to show him how it was done.

Maybe now he can understand why it was taking us so long! Lol.

Soon-yung took it upon himself (aka, Dawn asked him) to climb the tree to retrieve the perfect apple.

After our crazy long excursion, the Kang's came back to our place to help us bake and hang out. We made an awesome apple pie and some slammin' apple crisp! :-) We were so caught up in the process that we totally didn't take any photos. Oops!

I did snag a picture of the pie all wrapped up so we could take it to our couples group.

Then on Sunday we had our couple's group after church and then got to meet our friends new baby girl. So cute!!! I did a few newborn photos for her yesterday, so I'll post a few of them later.


Kelly-Marie said...

Aww so cute and I love that he is a little confused as to what is fruit to eat and what are leaves :D

Jordan Marie @ said...

awe! cute pictures!

looks like y'all had great weather and lots of fun!!