Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Are...Penn State

Penn State University. Land of the creameries and sticky buns. Infamous Joe Paterno. State College is home to 40,000 + students, PSU itself containing 80,000+ students throughout all of their campuses. If you are quiet at night sometimes you can hear the Nittany Lion roar! During the fall season one of America's favorite sports gears up, and that is non other than football. When you have attended PSU you know the dedication, passion and joy that comes with Penn State football. It was a honor and priveledge that friends of ours had presented us as a family the chance to go to our very First Family PSU football game.

My head was held high this day and my chest was puffed out. It meant a lot to me that we were able to go because I take great pride in my Alma Mater. Below is a photo story of how the First Family PSU game went. September 17, 2011 PSU vs Temple at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

We had to get Logan all decked out in his PSU gear. Later we found out that they make Nittany Lion outfits complete with the lion head gear....something for possible future games???

This was a very proud moment for me as a father, to see my son dressed in his PSU gear. We were ready to go and route on the Lions!

Mom was even in her PSU gear, sporting her pinkie Penn State hoodie!

Logan was taking in every aspect of the atmosphere. For the first solid 20 minutes he was content just looking around at the players, the field, the fans and anything else that comes with being at a football game.

In Logan's mind he was the real reason why there were thousands of people gathered on this day. I do have to admit he stole the thunder when we walked in a few minutes late to get our seats. He had so many people talking about him and how cute he was. The girl sitting behind us told us that we should have painted his bald head and face...maybe something else for the future???

Mom was getting into the game and sharing the excitement with Logan. The game had us on the edge of our seats for some parts.

The band took the field at half-time.

The coolest usher in the world came out at half-time, since we told him it was our first family football game, and so he climbed a few rows back and snapped some shots of us all together at the stadium.

In the last 5 minutes PSU had possession and led an attack down the field trying to come from behind and take the victory.

Going for 1st down at 4th and 2.
Ready, set, hike.

PSU has possession.

They had to bring out the chains to make sure that we had the 1st down.

Penn State drove into the end zone with only a little over a minute left.
Temple tried to make several attempts to get back down the field, but the PSU defense was too much for them.

Temple failed to bring the ball back, leaving PSU in the lead for the victory.

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