Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday's Musing

I don't normally contribute to this blog, but I feel led to tonight. As I sit here with nothing but music filling the room I began to go through the past year of my life and traced each move that God has made in the lives of Renae and myself. Also, let me add that His timing has been impeccable. Here is just a short list of what happened from last summer through this summer.

2/10 - Renae and I began our search for a home
3/10 - We had seen some nice houses, and one I really wanted I had a nightmare about so we decided against it...good thing that we did (the reason behind it is a longer story)
4/10 - We found the place that we wanted, and that was priced way to good to be true
5/10 - We began the short sale process (which was a looooong sale process)
6/10 - Little Logan began to grow inside of Renae (little to our knowledge)
7/10 - Discovered that Renae was expecting
          Got into a car accident that totaled my car
           Finally settled on the house
           Renae made an out of the air comment about the current year at TCA would be my last
11/10 - Began struggling with whether I would be returning to TCA to teach, and I had an experience at my Bible study where I just knew that I had to work something out so that Renae could be a stay-at-home mom
2/11 - 4/11 - placed a few applications out to the market and heard absolutely nothing in return
3/11 - Logan Micah Reigner was born
3/11 - 4/11 - Told TCA I would not return (I fully was relying on God), countless days of people making me feel as though Renae and I were making a bad choice and my principal faithfully pursued me to stay for another year
6/11 - I said a tearful good-bye to TCA
          I sent an application to a school, and coincidentally a teacher that previous day had mentioned that they would rather be a stay-at-home mother and would not be returning to their position (naturally they called me in for an interview)
         Two-weeks after my interview, I was scheduled for two more interviews back-to-back, and was offered the position
7/11 - Renae was able to quit her job and pursue her dream of being a stay-at-home mom
8/11 - Inductions for my job began and everyone I met I either had met before, knew through a mutual friend, or is a believer.
9/11 - Renae and I walk in faith and thank God for providing for us and directing our steps along the way because without his guidance and protection we would be so lost right now.
          We are looking forward to how God will continue to provide for us and show us how real He is.

People can overlook these things and just think that they are coincidences, lucky decisions, or just good planning but let me tell you....the way things just opened and closed before us was way to specific to be just a coincidence or luck and the way our heads were spinning and people were advising us I feel that it was not good planning...unless praying constitutes as good planning.


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Anonymous said...

My husband and I just had a conversation about the sane thing in our lives...over the past year+ things seemed like they would never work out for our family but we just had faith and everything fell in place. And you are right -He has impeccable timing!