Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Kinda In Love...

...With this handsome cutie!

Now that the photos with the momma sans a shower and makeup are out of the way...


Waayyy to many photos ahead!

We had a nice day and decided to play with the camera in the backyard.

(Future soccer/rugby player?)

(What's going on? That's a loud truck!)

This little boy melts my heart! And his eyes kill me!!! I can't remember life before him, and I certainly didn't know what love was before him.


Anonymous said...

He is sooooo adorable!!!!! You have every right to be utterly in love with him :-)

Jordan Marie @ hottlt.com said...

awe. they turned out really good!!
the pictures scream love and summer time.. and happiness!!

that t-shirt is just adorable! love it!

gorgeous eyes!!!

fun fun!