Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years

September 11, 2001

I specifically remember getting out of my Writing 101 class early, super pumped because it was my only class of the day.

Walking out of Anderson hall, across Church Street and into my dorm, Wayne Hall.

Of course the lobby was empty and quiet, not too many college students are stirring before 9 am on a Tuesday. But this silence had a weird feel to it. As I turned to see what the RA behind the front desk was staring at so intently, my roommate came through the front door and stopped beside me. The RA turned to us and told us we should turn the TV on in our room, something horrible had happened. As we hurried up to the 8th floor we were trying to figure out what was going on.

Flipping on the TV, the screen was filled with images we could hardly believe were real! As we were slacked jaw and staring, the second plane hit. We were floored. Within the next few minutes doors were opening up and down the halls and people running from room to room trying to make sense of what was happening. I remember staring at the tiny screen at all the debris falling only to realize that it wasn't all debris. I remember watching the first tower fall, then the second. I remember bonding more with complete strangers that day than ever before. For most of us it
was our first time really away from home, away from the security of the people we love. Phone lines were jammed and we couldn't even talk to our loved ones. I don't think a college floor was ever as close as we become because of what we experienced that day together.

I remember the candlelight vigil held in the academic quad. And the bells that they rang. Everyday at noon they would ring the bells in a variety of tunes, but this one is ingrained in my head forever. One that would bring tears to my eyes on the rare occasion they would play it again.

I remember for days later laying in bed at night talking to my roommate as we stared out the window at the dark sky, freaking out if we saw a blinking light because of the no fly ban and maybe a plane was heading for our dorm next.

I remember a few days later the darkness as the smoke moved south and filled our sky.

I will always remember. I will never forget.

(Ground Zero in 2009)

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MommieEqualsMe said...

I remember as well. I was a sophmore in college. I was heading to the dorms and noticed that people were in a frenzy. I had no idea what had just happened. I got upstairs and the few hallmates that were around were standing in front of their tvs. I was in shock. I will never forget the feeling in my stomach or the images I was watching. Never. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Giving you a follow and hope you will do the same :)