Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summers Ago

I miss my summers. :-( They still exist, it's still like a sauna outside, hazy, hot and humid. Thunderstorms still roll in after a long day. Kids still have off from school. Picnics and fairs and pool parties almost every weekend. Yard sales galore. But alas, I have to work.

I worked all summer in high school and college, but I had the job most teens covet. I got to sit high, looking down on the refreshingly cool, blue water, and yell "WALK!"
I got to see my friends, make a few new ones (most under 3 feet tall), watch my skin turn a deep, golden brown, all while earning my living. The life!

I also had the privileged to teach swimming lessons. There's nothing like teaching little ones to swim. The way they cling to you for dear life in the beginning, or are afraid to set foot off the stairs, to blowing bubbles, and going under the water. From realizing that kicking with a straight leg makes them go so much faster, to having them put their complete trust in you to help them float. I miss seeing their cute, little blue lips chatter after the half hour, but still want to jump off the diving board once before they leave.

Nothing beats the serene calmness of laying out on the picnic tables or diving boards after rushing around to see how fast we can complete the opening procedures so we can relax. Nothing beats being the first one to dive into a pool that is as smooth as glass. Nothing beats the surge of adrenaline every time you start the pool pump back up with a loud rumble and whoosh and praying that it won't explode. Or the stench of chlorine (excuse me, hypo chloride) when you check to see how much is left in the tank. Or the rush of cleaning up as a storm rolls in and mud/grass sliding as it passes. The joy on kids faces when they ask to open 'the pit' and we yell 'dives are closed', so they can play sharks and minnows, the movie game, and swim down to the depths.

I miss my summers.

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Lyryn said...

Tell me about it! I tell my sis-in-love (who’s a teacher) that I chose the wrong profession. It sucks! To be a teen again in summer… oh how I wasted those summers! Ah! Oh thanks for your comment on the pictures I posted! It was great and they are pretty easy to photograph! ;)