Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fair time!

The rain messed with all my plans yesterday. Kevin and I headed down to the pool after work to kill some time before the fair opened. We plopped down in our chairs finished our convo and started on our books. Not more than a few pages in I felt a drop. I had specifically asked for it not to rain, so it couldn't be rain, could it? Then I felt another, and then another. Looking over at Kev, I told him I think it was time to go. He wanted to finish his page, so I started to pack up and put my skirt and tank on. By the time we left, it was steady stream of water. Did I mention that we live on the other side of the community? Yup, we probably looked like we had gone swimming by the time we got to our building.

After a quick change we started dinner (okay, Kevin started dinner and I continued with my reading). By then, the rain had subsided, and I was hoping for the night so we could hit up the fair across the street. After a few more on and off showers it looked safe enough to go play at the fair! Since Kev was still unsure we drove, just in case. I wanted to take some pictures, especially of the animals, but I didn't want to get caught in a downpour with it. Good thing, because after we made our way around to everything, we stopped at the stage to walk an Irish jig, and the skies let loose. We still had a nice walk back to the car, so for the second time in a matter of hours we were soaked. That's the nice thing about summer, it's warm enough to get wet and not care.

Animals are always my fave, but they only had goats and cows! Where are the piggies, and sheep?

This goat was in love with me scratching his head (probably because they cut the horn off the poor thing), but when Kevin stuck his hand out, he ran to the other side of the pen!

What?!?Baby moo moos!!!

I love cows, and how curious they always are. Even at my parents house, I just have to stand at the fence and they slow meyonder over.
Of course Kevin had to try one of the homemade dounuts...I was too stuffed from dinner to even take a bit. :-(
The Irish band, complete with a banjo! They even played the song that was in P.S. I Love!!!
Dancing a good ole Irish jig.
The dark sky ready to let loose.
Out the car window as we drove away. :-(
It was fun, although nothing like the fair I grew up in Lancaster. I think they should add a greased pig contest...that was always the best!


Katie said...

You must have gone to the Lampeter-strasburg fair?!?! haha---love that one!

Renae said...

haha! Yup! I grew up like 2 minutes from there!