Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Trip

Ahh, vacation...
So much fun, relaxing, playing games (sports and cards) with the family, endless hours of reading, browsing the boardwalk, dinners out, and the feel of the sand, sound of the ocean, and smell of the salt. Mmm, I miss it!

We rented a place almost right on the beach in OCMD, we could see the ocean from our balcony! So nice. While I'm used to having a beach house, which offers a little more space than a condo, it was nice being able to look out on the ocean.

Kevin's been editing the pictures, so they are on his computer, and it was breezy most of the week and I didn't want to risk getting sand in the camera and ruining it, so most of these are from my little Canon.

Early morning walks with momma
Riding the waves...which were HUGE by the way! The guard were off their stands making rescues ever few minutes.

One of the few from our nice camera...I think it'll be sweet once it's touched up.

Little bro skim boarding
Dinner at Seacrets...their side of the table...
Our side of the table...Looking back is making me want August to be here now so we can go on vacation with Kev's family!!!

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Lyryn said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment! Yea… my family has been through the ringer… but we know God is bigger than all of this! Glad that you had a great vacation, looks like you had a ball. Love the pictures!