Monday, July 27, 2009

Jim Thorpe

Saturday morning we loaded up our car with back packs, great friends, and a tray of blueberry muffins. Unfortunately the muffins never made it to the destination, as they were to tasty not to consume. :-) We found a spot and made a mad dash to the potty before we started our ascent. I guess it's true what they say about how good memories overshadow the bad, because I just remember all the fun we had the last we were there, and forgot about how horrible the bathrooms were.
They are environment friendly, which basically means they are a glorified outhouse. The stench could make even the strongest run from the building heaving. Oh, and the amount of flies buzzing around and landing on you didn't help either.

Let the fun begin!

Since we are too cool, and wanted to try something different we decide that we were going to hike up the falls instead of the trail. It was mid 80's and high humidity on the trail, and barely 70 on the falls, so that was a no brain-er.
It wasn't easy by any means, but it was def. good team building. Plenty of lending a helping help. :-)
Although there were times when we had no choice but to follow the trail. Not that the trail made it any easier. We were basically climbing straight up the mountain!

(Tree roots and rocks make amazing hand grips!)
The boys took a brief break to cool off under the one waterfall.

Absolutely gorg look out!

And the absolutely gorg couple we went with! Aren't they adorable!?!?!?

We might be too if we weren't so sweaty and gross :-P

There were so many different falls, both big and small. We were in the shade, but it was uber sunny out, so it was tricky to capture, plus it's impossible to put on film (or JPEG) what you actually see. But here's a little taste:
(notice Brent in the bottom left corner for size reference)
These flowers were EVERYWHERE! So beautiful!!!We also saw Kevin's mascot (Nitney) along the trail!
Even though we were all exhausted and beat we still had enough energy to jam out to Josh Gracin on the final stretch of the ride home. "Breaker, break one nine she's a big old flirt..."

Awesome time, with awesome friends!


Lyryn said...

OH MY WORD... that is my brother is those pictures!!!! I forgot that you are friends with Brent and Tara!!! Oh my, looks like you had a great time! Loved the pictures!

the weldons said...

hi there! you guys are so cute together!
small world...chad is my brother in law, and is still really involved with young life. i hear from so many people that they worked with him at one time or another.
also, my brother's wife is from jim thorpe! funny that you guys were just recently's beautiful!