Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gowing Older - Reminiscing my Youth

After reading Renae's blog I couldn't help but think about not only the youthful summers but just any highlight from being young. The two biggest things I always looked forward to as a little Kevin (yes, at one point in my life I was little) were weekends and the summer time. Since Renae took the summer time, I'll go the weekend route.

Friday was awesome, getting out of school and knowing that you got two stinking days off!!! As a teacher I am still able to relish that moment of my youth. Then it was usually home to hang with the friends, around 730 we would order pizza, and get it just in time to watch TGIF (is there such a thing anymore!?!?). It was Little Caesar's Pizza (one cheese for the girls and one with everything for the guys), a Caesar Salad, and some bread sticks.

To me nothing beat waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons, which I totally understand is now strategically placed on Saturday mornings to give parents a little bit of a weekend. Everything was carefree. Mom had breakfast ready, dad was around the house doing some sort of project, my brother and I fought over the seats in the living room and the remote to the television, and my sister played with her Barbies. Then it was usually outside to play with the friends or basketball in the driveway. When you got tired of that it was usually just in time for a family dinner.

Finally, Sundays were the Church and infamous nap days. I don't know why I remember this, but I always remember sitting in the living room with my brother watching car shows or races (which I hated) and we would both fall asleep for a few hours. Only to wake up to the alarming realization that there is homework to get done before our night church service. It seemed that the weekend homework was always rushed because let's face it...the weekend is meant for fun, not work!

What happened to those days?

Now, as work would finish on a Friday during the school year I would be elated with joy. Renae and I will go work out, and then I would find myself barely being able to stay awake past 9pm!!! We still do pizza, but we make our own awesome homemade pizza. Saturday mornings were always filled with me doing lesson plans, grading papers, making worksheets, testing projects etc... The Sunday, as awesome as they are going to church and seeing friends, I could not shake it from the back of my mind that the next day would be Monday and that meant back to work.

Hopefully one day God will bless Renae and I with a house full of little kids who I can vicariously live through and recapture my youth.

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