Friday, April 29, 2011


Since it's been one month since I've given birth I guess it's time to do an update on me.

I gained 29 pounds during the 41 weeks and 1 day that I was pregnant. That's 4 pounds more than I wanted to gained, but still 1 pound under what I realistically wouldn't mind gaining. Yay!

Honestly I have no idea how much weight I lost with the actual birth, but being that Logan was almost 8.5 pounds himself I'm sure it was a decent amount. I finally got around to weighing myself about a week later and I had 10 pregnancy pounds left! Woohoo! Well, as of today I still have those last 10 pounds :-( I think it has something to do with me grazing all day. Oh, and that Easter candy doesn't help either. I haven't done any exercising either, so I'm hoping when I start in 2 weeks (as long as I get that okay from my doctor) that will help kick those pounds to the curb.

With all of that being said here's what that looks like.

Check out that basketball!

2 Weeks PP:
Sorry they are so dark and shadowy. My hips are definitely holding some of that weight! Love those love handles!

I was able to squeeze back into my normal jeans, but I have to be careful what top I wear because hello muffin top!

Pouch is still very much there.

1 month:
Still got them love handles.

Pouch is shrinking a bit, and my hip bone is starting to come back! Yay!

Now it's time to get my butt in shape :-)


Anonymous said...

You look great! You bounced right back. I was like that after my 1 st baby... Also gained 29 lbs. With this baby, at 7 months postpartum I look like you do at 1 month! I think once I stop breastfeeding the last bit will come off.

Joyful Sparrow said...

I think you look beautiful. A baby's certainly worth a little body change. Your little one is precious.

Happy MM!