Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Day

For the past almost 4 weeks my days have looked the same. Doesn't matter what day of the week (or weekend) except for minor details, my day is identical to the day before and the day to come. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. I love my new routine, it's just different from my weekday for the past 5 years that consisted of waking up late, rushing out to work, spending 8+ hours there and coming home, only to do it again tomorrow.

So this is what my day looked like one day last week:

5:30 - baby wakes up to eat
6:00 - back to bed
6:30 - baby wakes up, luckily Kevin's on break and cuddled up with him so I could sleep
7:50 - breakfast for baby
8:30 - diaper and outfit change
8:40 - momma eats, kitties eat, baby plays in bouncy seat
9:00 - floor time, cats think they need to play too
9:30 - crying begins, needs a diaper change, fills diaper as we walk up the stairs, on to outfit 2 for the day
9:50 - time to feed the babe again
10:20 - little man is out for the count, time for the swing and momma to get some work done (brushed teeth, washed face, floors swept, mail sorted, litter box emptied, half bath cleaned, dishes washed and away, counters cleaned, kitties loved)
11:50 - feed time again!
12:20 - diaper change and play on the floor mat - rolled from tummy to side to back (first time!) and get frustrated when couldn't roll back
12:50 - First cry fest of the day
1:20 - Babe finally fell asleep on my chest
2:15 - Wake up to eat
2:45 - More floor time
3:00 - Friend drops off food, clean up mess the cats made
3:15 - Diaper change, another cry fest
3:45 - Eat snack, not sure what I did for the hour to be honest
4:55 - Feed baby
5:30 - Spit up, diaper change
5:45 - Feed kitties, Eat dinner, entertain baby
6:45 - Feed baby
7:00 - Mummum and Grandpa visit
8:55 - Feed the baby
9:30 - Get baby (and self) ready for bed

So that's a glimpse into my new, very repetitive life. Some days are easier, some rougher. Sometimes we run errands, sometimes we stay in our PJ's all day. I must say that it's funny how something so tiny can totally control your entire day.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I swear that your days will forever be measured by feeding schedules. Even now? At almost a year...it seems like everything revolves around meal times. But for the LONGEST time she would nurse every 2'ish hours....it was exhausting, but wonderful. They are only little for so long! It just keeps getting better! :)