Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birth Story Part 3

Check out part 1 and part 2 if you've missed them...

After a huge let down on Wednesday, I woke up Thursday morning with nothing. I think I had one mild contraction from the time Kevin's alarm went off at 5:30 until 8ish when I made the decision to go into work.

I really had to talk myself into it because I was embarrassed. I missed the past 2 days because I thought I was going to have a baby. But sitting at home is torture while waiting for something to happen. And boring. Everything was clean and I had already spent two days there and had run out of things to distract me. I didn't want to face anyone, especially their questions, but it was better than being home, and it would help me add one more day to my maternity leave.

A few people basically ignored me and just sent a sad smile my direction. Others made smart comments that if I didn't know them so well probably would have sent me running to the bathroom in tears. Although, there were a few times through out the day I had to fight back the tears. I think some people were secretly hoping I'd be back because there were so many things that people needed me to do for them. I guess it's lucky for them they got to take advantage of me one more day.

After work, Kevin and I went back to the mall. It's funny how boring it can be there. Walking around and around and stopping in the occasional store. We got dinner from Subway, where I may or may not have gotten in an argument with the guy at the register that we had a footlong even though the guy making the sub had cut it in half and put them in separate bags. Actually, I think we've spent more at the food court in the past week then we have the whole time we've been married. I guess that's understandable seeing that food is basically the only thing I can be shopping for anyways. I was days or hours away from not being pregnant any more, so maternity clothes are out, and I have no idea what shape/size I'll be post-baby, so I can't buy 'normal' clothes, and until we know if we have a son or daughter we can't buy baby clothes.

Friday comes and goes, totally uneventful. I'm super big and totally uncomfortable and have to pee all.the.time!

Then Saturday came. The third Saturday I've woken up thinking that this just might be my last Saturday to sleep in and be lazy. The second Saturday with no plans. Of course not having plans means we end up at the mall. I could tell something was going on with my body. I felt 'different'. I was more cramp-y and the contractions I had on Wednesday were back. But just like on Wednesday, they weren't progressing at all. As we were going to bed I remember saying that I felt like we were close. Kevin said that tomorrow would be perfect since it's still the weekend and he would still be able to get his maximum days off from work. As I turned off the light at 10pm I told my tummy that I would like at least 4 hours of sleep so I wouldn't be too tired.

A little after 1:30am I crawled out of bed to use the bathroom and casually mentioned to Kevin that I think my water may have broke. I had been lying in bed since midnight dealing with contractions. I knew that this was it. Kevin started to text family while I jumped in the shower.

By 2:30 we were once again walking up the stairs to the hospital...


Lyr said...

Your water broke on it's own?! You luck, lucky girl. I just watched this documentary and I so wish my water broke on it's own and that I wasn't induced. That is so AWESOME! Can't wait to hear more!

Ryan said...

I love all the details:) I am anxious to hear what happened even though I totally know the outcome!!