Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

I do not want to get a portrait lens for our camera. Nope, I'm totally content with lens we have and only want a zoom.

We did not enjoy the gorgeous day on Sunday and head out to the Preserve. Who enjoys the outdoors in the middle of November? I also did not take off my sweater because I was hot. Nope, no I.

I did not land on my bad ankle .3679 seconds after this shot. I did not crumpled to the ground in pain. Not me. I did not later climb a fence for a picture and attempt to climb a tree even with the shots of pain shooting down my ankle.
We did not plan our outfits and take Christmas pictures.
I didn't get awesome new was I was in the middle of a store and let out a little squeal and do a little dance. Nope. I'm waaayyy to cool to let emotion like that show in a public place like that.

I did not have a bat fly past my face in the middle of church! No way would a bat get inside our church.

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1 comment:

Shauna and Ben said...

Ummmm???? A Bat????? What? Oh, please tell me somebody caught it! That's just crazy!