Saturday, November 7, 2009

Freak Out

I remember when I was younger and had to stay home alone, I would get freaked out. It probably didn't help that we lived in the middle of the woods with the closest neighbor outside of screaming distance.

I would hear a floorboard creak upstairs and immediately there was someone else in the house. Why they broke in upstairs, I'm not sure, but they did, and now they were going to come down the stairs to get me! I was always a little relieved when the cat came sprinting down, but part of me stayed on guard. Any sound that was out of the norm would blow up into some huge crazy story in my head. Did I mention that I have an overactive imagination?

Kevin is out camping with the boys and I am stuck home alone. Being the bum that I am, I'm sitting on the couch watching The Office and making beads when I hear a loud noise back in the bedroom. Crap! What was that? We live in the 3rd floor condo, there's no way someone could be in here, right? I flick on the hall light because there's no way I'm walking back a dark hallway. As I reach our room and turn on the light I start to laugh, partly still freaked out, partly relieved to know the cause of the noise.

For some reason one of the blinds decided that it didn't want to be down and shot up. Why? How? I'm still trying to figure that out. We've lived here for over a year and it has never happened before. Why did it have to happen when I'm here alone? So not cool. I may be sleeping on the couch tonight...with the TV on to keep me company...

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Katie said...

that would sooo freak me out, too.