Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Night Fun - Delta Night

Once a quarter (was my school the only one that called them marking periods? Or are quarters the 'new' name?) Kevin's school host a night called Delta night. The middle schoolers come back to school for fun activities, like, game night, movie night, ice cream sundae night, etc. Last night was movie night and the 7th grade was in charge of it, ie. we man-ed the snack table and kept an eye on the kids who tried entered the hallway. The parents stepped up and brought lots of yummy snacks and candy, AND we had a popcorn machine! How sweet is that?
First you had to pour the "butter-like" substance in and wait for it to melt, then you add the kernals and watch 'em POP!

Definately a good way to get a sugar high! I'm sure that the parents loved us pumping their children full of sugar and then sending them home. :-)

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