Monday, July 28, 2008


What is our identity? What makes up who we are? Is it our name? Our friends? Where we live? What we do? Our looks? Our personality? What?

I've been looking through old pictures and realizing how much things have changed in the past 10 years since I was high school, begging friends for rides, trying not to be seen with my parents, thinking that I was the ish because I was in HS and come one what high schooler doesn't think that they are IT.

Back then I was Renae - ae, not ee (we had another Renee, spelled the 'normal' way). I was the girl who could always be found working at the pool. I was the vegetarian. I was Jimmy's neighbor. I lived behind the Franks. I drove the 'hunk of junk', my pale blue VW gulf. I was the soccer player, and manager of the boys soccer and b-ball team. I could be found at Rick's place on Saturday nights, and the Lazer Dome on Sundays, dancing with my bestest. I was Nae.

Then I went to college. No one knew who I was, what my past looked like, just want they saw. I became one of the tripleship and the blonde bridgade. Everyone knew if they saw Kel, or Sarah, I was around too. I was a Price Street girl. I was a runner, the nutrition major. Workout-aholic. The bench press champ. I was Renae, you know, the girl with long blonde hair, crazy last name. I was Snar Bar, RaeNae, and I had my list of "I don't do..."

Then I got married. I cut my long hair, my crazy last name has changed. I don't drive a VW, I don't live in Lancaster, or West Chester. My girls have moved away. My life has changed.
As I meet new people I forget that they don't know any part of my past. It's a brand new slate, to make an impression of who I am.
Now I'm, Kevin's wife. Some sort of office manager something for a college textbook company. Providence church attender, net group leader. Always game for a walk. Facebook-aholic.

But who I AM, has never really changed. Matured and adapted maybe, but not changed. My identity is in Christ! It is never changing, sure it's growing and pruning and molding, but that relationship is always there. He knows who I am, and it's not based on my appearance, or what I do, or who I hang out with.

I think this will need major editting, but whatever, it's my thoughts.

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Kate said...

I loved that! Thanks for sharing ;)