Friday, July 18, 2008

Small Blessings

Many years ago my mom gave me the book Prayer of Jabez. It is quite a small book, yet I don't think that I have ever actually read all it. Bits and pieces here and there, but never all of it straight through. I have read the verse many, many times though. It's 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and says:

"Jabez cried out to the God of Israel. He said, "I wish you would bless me. I wish you would give me more territory. Let your powerful hand be with me. Keep me from harm. Then I won't have any pain." God gave him what he asked for."

Often time in the morning I will find myself praying this prayer (or at least the first few lines as I remember them). And also more often than not I forget that I pray this, and get caught up in my normal routine, not looking for ways that God is trying to bless me.
Well as I drove into work yesterday I caught myself praying it yet again. Driving from Exton to West Chester typically isn't too bad in the morning, but sitting at the stop light on 202 to make a left onto Matlack can be a nightmare sometimes. It's sad that I have sat there so many times I know exactly how many cars SHOULD be able to turn with each arrow (9) and how many lights it will take depending where you end up in the lane. (It's sad I know, but if you spend 5 mins 5 days a week sitting there, you'd figure it out too). Well yesterday I was far back, and was looking at being the 1st or 2nd car to turn for the 3rd light. Well we get the arrow and as we start to ever so slowly creep forward I hear sirens! There is an ambulance behind me with the flashing lights going crazy. Since we have lights that are triggered by flashing lights, everyone else got red lights, but ours stayed green!
So...lucky me got to turn on the FIRST light instead of waiting for the THIRD light!!!

It's small I know, but it's the small things that He blesses us with, that if we're not paying attention we can totally miss it. So keep your eyes open to His blessings!!!

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