Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So this weekend we decided would be a good hiking weekend. Why not? Over 90 everyday, super high humidity...perfect! Well, it's def a good way to work up a sweat...not that you wouldn't anyways climbing Mt. Misery at VF.

So Saturday morning we headed up to French Creek to check up the Horseshoe trail. While doing so we came across the old iron mill and furnace. They were actually starting to build the base for the fire as we went by.
We explored the old mill, and some of the surrounding buildings and land. It was quite interesting...at least for us, but I guess we might be history dorks. Instead of having someone fan the fire, they used a big paddle wheel to produce the air.

We finished completely sweaty, hot and just plain gross, but we had fun :-)

And...we decided to hit up Valley Forge the next day! We made sure that we stayed near water though and played in it :-)

It is awesome to live with your best friend and be able just to up and go when ever you want :-)

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