Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Wow! It's been like a month since I've been on...life has been crazy. Working for a college textbook company means pure craziness this time of year, and Kevin being a teacher hasn't been much calmer.
Amidst all that though we have been looking at new apartments, since living in Exton isn't going to work to well with Kevin commuting well into Delaware County. Paying for oil heat at $4.50 a gallon isn't looking to promising for our savings this winter either.
Yesterday we came across a super cute apartment in the heart of West Chester. I never thought I'd even think about living in town after my college days, but after seeing this place really has changed my mind. We are putting in our applications today, so pray that we get it!!! It seems like a people have been looking at it, but I think we have an in, since I know the couple who are renting there currently. :-)
So we may be having to pack up and move in month!!! Talk about craziness!!!

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