Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy week

So this past we was not only our 1 year anniversary, but also my 25th birthday! Talk about excitement!
So Monday night we went out to the Dilworthtown Inn to celebrate our 1st year :-) It was great! We got there early, and so we had the room we were sitting in to ourselves!
Plus, when we order our desert, they decorated it for us!!!
Yeah, it was pretty sweet!
Tuesday I got to catch up with my bestest girls that I haven't seen in like 2 months!
Wednesday was my birthday! I woke up to my husband who put a musical card on my pillow :-) He also was sweet enough to pack my lunch, and packed something a little extra. I got super yummy cake at work, and came home to dinner that my hubby had made! And...chocolate cake with homemade peanut butter icing!!!! Yes, my hubby made icing!!!!
We are heading home this weekend to celebrate with my family...I love when birthdays last for a week instead of just a day :-)

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