Tuesday, November 2, 2010

House To-Do AKA Honey Do List

Our housing projects have been at a stand still. Kevin went back to teaching and I started sleeping ALL.THE.TIME. We have been adjusted for awhile now, but life just seems to keep happening and we don't get to tackle any projects. Well Kev has an in-service day on Friday, so he'll be home early and we have no plans for Friday night or Saturday! Finally! So we're going to see what can get tackled. Here's my wish-list so far. I know it won't all get completely, heck I'd be surprised if we could get half of it knocked off. I'm sure it'll keep growing too as I think of more.

  • Attached all baseboards
  • Hang heater in office
  • Paint baseboards - Dining room/Kitchen/Nursery/Office
  • Paint doors - nursery/nursery closet/bathroom/master closet/loft
  • Sand new doorway
  • Paint new doorway and hall
  • Hang casing for doorway
  • Install floor strips downstairs
  • Scrub paint off kitchen floor
  • Scrub paint off dining room floor
  • Hang mirror in living room
  • Hang curtain rods in dining room/bedroom/nursery
  • Hang blind in nursery
  • Purchase another set of curtains for living room
  • Hang curtains in living room (Keep and eye on the cats)
  • Install handrail
  • Build and install rail upstairs
  • Attach bathroom vent
  • Finish pealing wallpaper in half bath
  • Spackle half bath
  • Replace battery in smoke dector
  • Finish replacing outlets
  • Install outlet covers

Not to mention the laundry and normal cleaning and mowing and raking the leaves and and and...

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