Wednesday, October 27, 2010

19 Weeks!

Last Saturday marked 19 weeks for me! Already!

On Monday I had my 20 week appointment. Thankfully everything's looking good :-) I'm up almost 10 pounds from my first appointment, but I was still under my normal weight at that time. My blood pressure was 112/60. And according to my doc, my baby is definitely a mover. She found the heartbeat, and then I laughed and he/she ran away! Guess I better get my rest now before I can feel his/her tumbling act at midnight!

Without further ado, here's me at 19 weeks and 1 day. (Note: it was taken at 10pm after a long day, hence why I look soo tired)

I can still wear all my normal clothes, although my jeans are starting to feel snug, especially when I'm sitting. I purchased a BeBand this past weekend, so I'm looking forward to trying that out and seeing how it works.

I must say that I was quite disappointed in Targets maternity section. It's seriously 2 measly aisles! I was wondering, and all of a sudden I realized that everything was looking big. I mean like seriously big, not maternity big. I wondered into the plus size section! Oops!

Any suggestions on some good maternity places? Or even better, anyone what to loan me a few things :-)


Katie said...

oh my goodness you barely look pregnant! But super cute :) I would totally loan you things but I'm pretty sure you wouldnt fit into my clothes. Targets maternity sucks. Seriously. H&M has a new section in the back (top level) just behind the baby section and it's small but pretty cute! Old Navy ONLINE has a decent section of stuff too. I steered pretty clear of motherhood maternity as most of it was pretty matronly. But, like I said on a few maternity tank tops (I love the old navy ones, they also dual as nursing tops too!) and then throw open cardigans over them. I LIVED in these. I had white, black and gray. AND I still wear them (since they are technically nursing tops too)...

here's the link:

They have TONS on sale of other cute stuff right now...I'd check old navy out :) Free shipping on orders over $50 too I think!

The Rhoads said...

Kohls was my best friend, they sell motherhood stuff. And they always have great clearance stuff. Sign up for the credit card and you always get a 15% coupon to use. You'll want that for when the baby comes too, they sell carters. I always hit the clearance racks for baby stuff and sometimes get the 30% coupon mailed to me too!

I'd offer you my clothes, but I have all summer clothes...